Sunday, July 5, 2009

Important stuff, apparently

Generic Labour activist pic

I just had the misfortune to stumble upon the Labourlist site. I notice that sixteen of the last seventeen posts are all about 'LGBT issues'.

Good to see they are on the case of the really big problems facing us today.

What a bunch of complete fucking CRETINS.

That is all.


Shibby said...

Pretty retarded, and the Tories are at it too.

If I was gay I wouldn't vote for either.

Actually I won't vote for either anyway.

RantinRab said...

I'm a lesbian, and I won't be voting for them either!

microdave said...

Good job you are a lesbian - you'd never get away with saying that if you were straight....

The End (Bye Bye!) said...

They are all at it. Diversity is big business.

If I was gay, I think I'd be a bit mortified about all the attention.

Anonymous said...

The Labour government will woo and charm any group, and then exploit them to the max to promote their own political agenda in the press and other forms of media. In particular against rival political parties.

Wasn't Jacqui Smith in a headscarf, sitting with Muslim women recently? Didn't Gordon pull in a few muslim's in desperation to fill his ministerial cabinet a few weeks back?

I wonder who will be exploited next to be used against the Tories and whoever else Labour want to smear?
Gays, Muslims, feminists, far left militants, straight wives in a gay march. The list goes on. Fucking government.

The Young Oligarch said...

I dunno , Rab .

The more they get mired in this identity politics pish , the less representative , or electable , they become .

Remember the People's Front of Judea ?

banned said...

If I was Transgendered could I vote for both of them ?

Nah, bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Both Partys just looking for another 'more equal' grouping to use & abuse.