Thursday, July 23, 2009

Only a ten year wait Gordon!

Looks like Gordon will need to wait another ten years!!


Goodnight Vienna said...

Brown was there giving a speech a cple of days ago - maybe they had 'behind the scenes' discussions!

Anonymous said...


Guess he'll just have to carry on breaking in that hamster brain of his for now then ;-)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Never mind that pish Rab. It seems we're only 10 years away from 3D tellies. That I want to see. Could you have imagined that when you were 16 and pulling yir plonker to a sex video. That's class.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the reason Brown was there was to sign up for a synthetic brain implant for every UK voter - he wanted the current beta test version that has to have it's planned tasks for the following day downloaded every night from a central computer & it can't read, write or reason - that's the only hope he has of staying in power.
It'll be included free with your mandatory Swine Flu vaccination. Oh happy days!