Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Phone Tappers and C*nters Social Club.

How much for silence, cobber?

It seems News Group Newspapers, (owned by media megalomaniac Rupert Murdoch), have been very naughty boys and girls indeed.

According to the Guardian, (spit), they have coughed up over £1million in out of court settlements to ensure that the 'journalistic' techniques they use do not become exposed. The payouts ensured suppression of evidence that journalists used private investigators who used illegal means to gather information about the subjects of various 'news' stories, mainly for The Sun and The News of the World.

Andy Coulson, the Boy David's director of communications, was editor of TNOTW at the time.

Oh, and another thing. News International also own The Times, who outed NightJack for no reason whatsoever a few weeks ago.

And the MSM have the cheek to attack the blogosphere?

Excellent stuff...

UPDATE. Good to see the tory side of the blogosphere shitting themselves.

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banned said...

Beeb gave this mega coverage throughout the day with the obvious aim of trying to gain sympathy for NOTWs celeb and Labour 'victims'.

Cue fatty John Prescott on BBC Radio 2 News @ 8am " This is outrageous, I mean bloody outrageous! an affront to my personal privacy and I want the Chief Of Police to explain why he's done ou't aba'rt it".

Seems John has been watching too many American crime movies but to stay with his theme.

"Hey, Prescott you fag-got, seems ya'al don' like it wen da Bro's get all Nosey down on Yo honkey Ass".