Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let's nail Jacqui Smith

Copied from Old Holborn's place...

£100,000 needed to nail Jacqui Smith

I am a member of the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics and we have decided to nail the bitch Jacqui Smith for being a complete cunt.

Any contribution you might be able to make would be greatly appreciated. Sorry to bother you if you have already donated to the campaign. You can donate via PayPal through the link above (click on the picture). If we can successfully prosecute the former Home Secretary this would be a major step toward cleaning up Westminster and proving to our law makers that they are not above the law.

So put YOUR fucking hands in your pocket for a change, instead of Darling and let's teach the fuckers a lesson. Do it. Do something. Put the fear of fucking 60,000,000 of us into the 646 bastards who run every minutae of our lives for their own bastard benefit.


Fidothedog said...
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Fidothedog said...

Stuck a couple of bob in meself. Worth it just to see her expression as she has to explain herself in a court.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck, too. I understand that the legal firm employed for the job specialise in benefits fraud! How appropriate!

banned said...

Hopefully the anonymising blanket proffered to to kiddie fiddlers and fraudsters will be denied to that old cow as she enters Court.

Jacuqui Cunt. Reap what you have sown.

Read my words Jacqui, learn your lesson and repent, bitch, not that it will do you much good, no Civil Service Goons looking after you now.