Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get a hold of yourself, Glasgow.

I like Glasgow, well the city centre anyway. I was there yesterday for a couple of hours. It has many fine buildings and venues, top class museums and a great night scene.

But, to be honest, they are nothing but shiny baubles strewn on a dung heap.

From the city centre walk in any direction for thirty or forty minutes. The city shakes off it's fancy clobber with every step and pulls on it's real, everyday clothes, the string vest and manky bandage of one of it's most famous residents. The real Glasgow shows itself within spitting distance of the fancy shops and restaurants. It's a disgrace.

What you will see is the result of decades of Labour neglect and mis-management. Preening arseholes strut about inside the city chambers as if they are someone important. They don't need to try to hard to be elected, anything with a red rosette attached is practically guaranteed to win.

They see it as their God given right. Their destiny. A union man twenty years ago would climb the greasy pole of local politics, eager to grasp the glittering prize of a council seat. Name in the paper, a fancy title on some sub committee or other and they're set for life. A backhander here, a tax payer funded 'fact finding' visit there. It's a grand life.

It's easy to be a Glasgow politician. No need to actually do anything. Just point at Edinburgh and shriek 'they hate us, everyone's against us'. The local press lap it up, as they are told to do.

Cronyism is endemic. Jobs for the boys galore. This quango or that quango, take your pick big man. Plenty of expenses to be claimed. Fill your boots. It's your birthright after all...

And the good people of Glasgow accept it.

The bloated, ruddy faced, borderline alcoholics living the high life courtesy of the Glasgow tax payer shit on the faces of the people they are supposed to represent. Ex Speaker Martin is the pinnacle of this attitude. Like a bad case of scabies they infect councils all over the west of Scotland, building little empires where no dissent will be tolerated.

And the people keep voting the parasites in, time after time.

Look around you, voters. Look at your streets, your communities. Are you happy with what you see? Happy living as if you are a 'victim'? Happy being shat on year after year by the bastards you elected?

Good people of Glasgow, (and the west of Scotland), get a hold of yourselves.


Old Holborn said...

Sent a copy to Tom Harris?

wv: Jobies

I shit you not

Uncle Marvo said...

Interestingly, in the small but doomladen place known as Kirkcaldy, there seem to be a number of people, notably young people, who think that "their boy" is actually a bit of a cunt.

The polling will reveal more.

Uncle Marvo said...

PS, Holborn, I see this "wv" all over the place. WHat does it mean?

Old Holborn said...

Actually, I'll raise you a Jaywick

Old Holborn said...

word verification


RantinRab said...

Fucking hell Holby. Now that is a dump.

Uncle Marvo said...



Have I got the hang of it yet?

One day, I'll chase you.

RantinRab said...

I've made the honourable member aware of my dribbling, Mr Holborn.

Marvo, I have also been on the receiving end of Holby's teaching. Pretty effective!

Uncle Marvo said...

Water off a duck's back to me. Don't give a toss.

I'm afraid it was he who inspired me to start a blog in the first place, so blame him for anything and everything.

Now, I need an avatar.

RantinRab said...

He's the cunt that got me started too.

Bastard that he is!

Captain Ranty said...

Marvo you backstabbing cunt. You told me it was I wot hinspired you.

Fairfuckingweatherfuckingfriends. You give 'em a leg up....



Anonymous said...

But they're scotch - so they do deserve all the kaka they live in.

Catosays said...

Many moons back I came south from an idyllic holiday on Rannoch Moor (a place I've been too a lot 'cos I love it) and made the mistake of going through Glasgow....never again. What a shit hole.

Costello said...

I've had the misfortune to live in Glasgow for several years at various periods and there is nowhere on Earth i despise more. I cannot spend more than a couple of hours in that city without being overcome by a Travis Bickle mentality, muttering about how 'one day a real rain is gonna come...wash all the scum off the streets'. If it wasn't that i have so many family and friends in the placei would never ever go near it.

Uncle Marvo said...

Captain who?

I found TheRantingKingPenguin first. He found me Holby. Holby found me Captain Wossname, Rantin' Rab, Totty etc.

It struck me that Captain Thingy had a good rep in the FMOTL movement, which I like.


GrassyKnollington said...

Wonderfully vitriolic, and true.

I don’t regret my decision to move from the West of Scotland to Stirling. There are infinitely less tribal Labour nutters up there. The people I’ve come across actually vote with an eye on the issues, rather than mimicking the Glasgow-entrenched “what have the Tories ever done for us” attitude. Incidentally, the Tories have done very little for Glasgow locally; however this may be due, in no small part, to the fact no-one votes for them.

Not that I’m advocating a vote for the Tories, I am party to a number of pacts involving fellow right wingers not to vote Tory at the election in protest.

banned said...

To be fair you could make an equally depressing vid of many English cities, whatever the makeup of their councils.
For many years me and my mates would drive to Fort william, always making Glasgow the last driver changeover, seek out the most sleazy looking bar for the non-drivers to have a few pints, just for a laugh. Looking back, probably the most dangerous part of our climbing holidays.

OH, great Jaywick link, I have been in some of those shacks and met some of the inhabitants, they deserve each other.