Saturday, March 13, 2010

Steven Purcell. Pressure mounts.

SNP councillor Billy McAllister has written to the chief executive of Glasgow City Council George Black.

Dear Mr Black,

Given both recent revelations and developments circulating in the local and national media, note that I wish to call upon on your office to instigate a full investigation and/or a public inquiry regarding recent decisions reached under the auspices of former council leader Steven Purcell.

I would specifically wish your office to investigate:

1) Why David Lyons and associates were allowed to hold and benefit from a legal occupation and credit upon the site of the GCC land at Balmore Road?

2) Did the perimeter fence which the above party installed on the site comply with necessary and required GCC planning permissions?

3) Regarding Chirnside Community Initiative, as reported in the media at the time, the director of culture and leisure was quoted as stating that she had attempted to close the centre due to concerns raised but that a senior councillor overruled her attempt. Who was that councillor?

4) As you are aware, for nearly a year I have continuously attempted to add a motion to the full council agenda focused upon tackling serious and organised crime. Mr Purcell obstructed all attempts. Why was this?

5) A recent crime summit was held in the chamber. Mr Purcell was invited but did not attend or acknowledge. Why was this?

6) Can you confirm if Mr Purcell was approached, contacted or interviewed by the police at any point in connection with these allegations and if so, by whom was the information know.

As you can understand, I am concerned that council decisions were made whilst Mr Purcell was allegedly under the influence of chemical substances.

I look forward to your responses.

Councillor Billy McAllister

CC: Audit Commission Scotland


subrosa said...

Good try Rab but he'll get a brief answer. Something like 'it's against the Data Protection Act to disclose the information'.

Catosays said...

Yup, we had the same sort of answer here when the council just refused to divulge why their boss had been sacked and what his payoff was.
Even the FOI didn't work.

white powder city labour luvvies said...

Stephen just got a lovely mention from Tam Cowan on Radio Scotlands 'Off the Ball'.
'Came from a humble background'. 'helped charity' blah blah blah.' No mention of his love of the marching powder or sneaking off to Oz when the heat was on from the local Glesga mafia.
Labour luvvies. I luv em.

RantinRab said...

Is Tam Cowan still a columnist for the Daily Record? If so that explains his comments.

Anyway, at least one Glasgow councillor can look at themselves in the mirror and say 'at least I tried'. What about the rest?

Anonymous said...

Well done, keep it up.

Was this taken from any MSM source Rab?

What are the chances that it will be splashed over the Sunday Herald, or the S Mail?

SFA, I'd say

RantinRab said...

Source -

white powder city said...

Yes Tam he still has the 'topical' column in the Daily Rangers. Plus a restaurant critic column on a Saturday.
Tam and Stuart Cosgroves Saturday football show used to be a good laugh but their politics has killed it off for me. They will let guests like Jim Murphy, Grayman etc slag off the SNP or have a poll on who should replace Alex Salmond as First Minister. Whatever they want to do really as long as it's pro Labour.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Aye Rab, I didn't think that it would have been the inky fingered press somehow.

As for Cowan, his column was good for one liners and jokes but they were all taken from the punters who were sending them in.

So he was parasitising himself on his punters. That makes him true Labour material, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

At least I don't get paid for nickin other folks jokes or scoffing free meals.

Real Labour to heart, eh?

RantinRab said...

Never really liked the ex-fat bastard anyway to be honest!

Anonymous said...

Has the bastard slimmed doon?

Must be having to buy his scoff himsell then?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Aye Rab, the noose is beginning to close round the whole affair. Just in time for the election!