Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BBC 'news' report.

Private toll roads not the answer, screams the headline. A report by the Campaign For Better Transport says it's been a huge big waste of money.

The Campaign For Better Transport, what's that about then?

About us

We are the UK's leading authority on sustainable transport

We champion transport solutions that improve people's lives and reduce environmental damage. Our campaigns push innovative, practical policies at local and national levels.

Ah, treehugging loons. That explains why the BBC have ran with the 'story'.

Remind me we are forced to pay for this shite?


Anonymous said...


We need to start doing these.
So called liberal socialism must end for all our sakes.
That includes the communists at the BBC

Joseph Takagi said...

They're a fake charity. About half their income comes from government.

Demetrius said...

Walking is sustainable transport but I don't see much of it about.

RantinRab said...

I deleted the second comment because it was spam.

microdave said...

Further to Joseph Tagaki's comment - the Campaign for Better Transport is a registered charity No 1101929 and their most recent accounts show £63,248 from the "Freight On Rail Project".


Freight on Rail is a partnership of the rail freight operators, Rail Freight Group, Network Rail, the transport trade unions and Campaign for Better Transport, so does that makes them a member of themselves?

They also got £216,757 from the "The National Business Travel Network" which is "A Department for Transport initiative and part of the government's ACT on CO2 campaign". So that means we are "forced to pay for this shite".




There are several other strange sounding names on their accounts sheet, but from past experience I will end up totally confused if I try to do any follow ups. They all seem to be connected with each other, no doubt to make it difficult to see where the money really comes from.

microdave said...

Sorry - Joseph Takagi....