Saturday, August 7, 2010

Council punishes bad Tory teacher.

Philip Lardner, who was the Tory candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran at the General Election before being suspended by the Party, has been given a written warning by his employer, Renfrewshire Council.

Mr Lardner is a teacher and the SNP/LibDem coalition controlled council took exception to remarks made on his campaign website in which he stated that homosexuality is not normal and expressed support for section 28.

Obviously a bunch of screaming gay attention seekers picked up on his comments and created a fuss. Which Dave 'nice but dim' Cameron had to act upon by suspending Mr Lardner who basically said 'fuck you all' and stood as an independent candidate anyway.

Just what Renfrewshire council thought it had to do with them and Mr Lardner's employment is anyone's guess. I suppose they had to be seen to be punishing the bad Tory for daring to use his right of freedom of speech. After all, we've got to think of the cheeeeldren, right?

From the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald,

Philip Lardner, the controversial Conservative candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran at the General Election, has been issued with a written warning by his employers.

He said this week he will appeal.

Renfrewshire Council have rapped schoolteacher Mr Lardner - who was eventually suspended as a candidate by the Tories but stood as an independent - over comments he made about homosexuals on his website. A gay group had complained about them.

The war of words escalated when a number of Party members continued to back Mr Lardner - campaigning on his behalf and giving support on election night - leading to the resignation of Dalry and West Kilbride councillor Robert Barr, who was a Lardner supporter.

"I'll be challenging this as I have not done anything wrong," said the defiant Tory - who is still a party member - this week.

"I think they are wrong in principle but clearly felt that as they couldn't sack me over this issue they had to do something. It send out a bad message about the rights of teachers to freedom of speech."

It send out a bad message alright, Mr Lardner. But not just to teachers.


Bugger said...

None of the self righteous cooncils' business and I think he has a good Industrial Relations claim in there somewhere.

Even for a teacher, he seems a bit dim but others, including a Labour Cooncilor, not a million miles of you Rab have said worse.

As yet being an eejit is not a hanging offence

Quiet_Man said...

I fail to see what his views on anything have to do with anything so long as he's not preaching them at work. I think he has a damned good case if it comes to a tribunal.
The council should just have minded its own business.

RantinRab said...

If he was preaching the joys of bumming to his class he would probably be promoted.

Stewart Cowan said...

This is how social engineering and silencing of dissent works here.

The government/globalist agenda is for society to totally accept all adult to adult* sexual lifestyle choices/perversion.

*Watch out for further lowering of age of consent as the paedophile programme gets more underway.

So, the government part-funds social engineers like Stonewall (Tony Blair said in 1997 he'd do everything that was on their list).

Stonewall also give out awards to the most 'gay' friendly public services (incl. the police) and businesses. We all want to be in with a chance when prestigious awards are available, right?

Diversity 'officers' go round everywhere making sure that our traditional values based on our Judeo-Christian heritage and shared common sense and decency, are derided as being archaic and homophobic.

Stonewall have a campaign against "homophobic bullying" where they go into schools and convince teachers that this is a huge problem which they must address because homosexual behaviour is natural and children are born that way and all the other usual lies.

With all of this going on, the teachers, council staff, recruitment companies - in fact, almost everyone in a position of power - the power to indoctrinate and the power to hire and fire - have been re-engineered to serve the new system: the 'new morality'.

So, when Mr Lardner confessed his belief of our - yes OUR - traditional values, there were more than enough of the brainwashed to take offence and make sure he is punished. His so-called 'conservative' party first and now his employer.

And you never know, by grassing up this teacher, someone might get a Stonewall award.

I would like to give the grass an award myself: the brainwashed zombie medal for services to social-engineering fakecharities.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Rab and his crew amuse themselves with a sot of queer bashing ....

normal day on Rabs blog

RantinRab said...

Stop twisting everything Niko and fuck off.

There's a good leftie mongtard.

Stewart Cowan said...


Normal folk have a natural aversion to being bullied and brainwashed into accepting things they find unacceptable.

Time you accepted this!

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


I travel all across the blogosphere to see you and you tell me to fuck off.........well i dunno!

Stewie hints at me not being Normal......I asks where dont you get 'bullied and brainwashed into accepting things they find unacceptable'????

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sorry, but I don't see how it can be be natural to have another man's cock up your arse. Call me homophobic if you want, but don't tell me it's natural. What other animal in the world is there that fucks the same gender, apart from man. It may not be PC, but that's gone too far in any case.

RantinRab said...

DL, because folk like you and I don't 'celebrate' the sex life of gayers we get called nasty names.

And because folk like you and I dare to have an opinion on the matter we also get called nasty names.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

rab saw this and thought of you

An 18-year-old Iranian is facing imminent execution on charges of homosexuality,

The Young Oligarch said...

That's right , Mr.Mixedup , a homosexualist is to be stoned to death in Iran so men in Scotland who disagree with buggery must be vilified and sacked from their jobs .

What a load of p**h !

By spouting this rubbish you persecute those who disagree with you , such as those who have posted here .
Does that mean that you are at one with Lavrenty Beria ? I presume not .

Call me charitable . Or whatever else you want , I don't really care .

Ted Harvey said...

If this teacher had made such a remark about black people or Jewish people, he would be rightly booted out of any public teaching position. So why, other than for reasons of bigotry or intolerance or prejudice, a different consideration on homophobia?

Rantin Rab, that you are venting so much spleen on this one issue may indicate much about your own fears and issues on the matter and a possible need to compensate for these through intolerant posturing… something that might be supported by your prejudicial little comment that “If he was preaching the joys of bumming to his class he would probably be promoted..” But actually, I suspect, that it's just you keeping up the rantin profile :-)

And Dark Lochnagar on your:

"Sorry, but I don't see how it can be natural to have another man's cock up your arse."

You don’t need to apologise and you’re not being asked to. But then why do you have to publicly declare such an apology? If two other guys want to get up to that, that’s their business.

And why is it that so many so-called heterosexual people resort to the language of bums, cocks and arse when they would deem such language wholly inappropriate in other contexts - as in “Oh I had a good old time last night sticking my c*** up my wife’s a***

All reminds me of that ongoing question of why so many seemingly secure heterosexuals – especially celibate clerics – just endlessly get so het up and irrationally angry about homosexuality; other than it is that they may have some deeply buried insecurities and fears about their own true selves?

RantinRab said...

Ted, you're talking out of your arse!

Grids said...

"Black people" is a contradiction in terms, Ted. Nonetheless, they played a crucial role in passing Proposition 8. It just goes to show, even niggers hate faggots.

Stewart Cowan said...


Can't you make the simple distinction between skin colour/ethnicity and perverted and unnatural behaviour?

Do you think it is fair that Jewish and black people always get associated with homosexuals, especially when Judaism strictly prohibits sodomy and every African country except South Africa considers homosexuality to be a criminal offence?

Stewart Cowan said...

And "Grids,"

You're sadder than Niko.

Ted Harvey said...

Rab, see there you go again, always on about arses.

Stewart on:

"Can't you make the simple distinction between skin colour/ethnicity and perverted and unnatural behaviour?"

Your patronising cant invited the riposte; And can’t you make the distinction between rational decent thinking and ‘perverted and unnatural bigotry' based on fear of the other? Especially when your case partly rests of the primitive barbarity of the lynch mob and bigoted evangelicals of third world African countries.

But of course I would say no such thing

Stewart Cowan said...

Oh Ted. Poor, dear, innocent Ted who has yet to learn about the world.

Patronising enough for you?

"Rational decent thinking" to most folk does not include one fella thinking about skewering another man with his private sausage.

And those "bigoted evangelicals of third world African countries."

What about the many Muslim countries? What about Eritrea run by a mad Marxist where 'evangelicals' are rounded up and jailed in steel shipping containers?

The only thing the Africans have in common is their united disgust of homosexuality and it is a natural human revulsion, independent of any religion.

Do you need a holy book to tell you that eating dog poo is disgusting or do your instincts tell you it is?

The fact is that homosexual behaviour has only become 'acceptable' in the West because of mass mind control and government bullying.

To copy a bit from the old Hovis adverts: homosexual acts are as disgusting today as they've always been.

And I will never be convinced otherwise because I don't have a telly with which to be brainwashed.