Monday, August 30, 2010

Look at what socialism has done to Scotland...

Before socialism....

After sixty+ years of socialism.


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

conney is a multi multi millionaire who pays zero taxes and cant stand to live in Scotland........(Although he does have a CD of the pipes which he never listens to )

so how did socialism fail him..Oh yeah he also said Salmond was a fat Tory Cunt.

RantinRab said...

Fuck me Niko, you really are a thick commie bastard.

ArtCo said...

Fuck me my wife has pictures similar to these, the difference between getting married and being married 23 years later. lol

Thank fuck she's computer iliterate

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


I'm not a thick commie bastard. I'm a thick Marxist bastard.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


it will be dropping through your letter box any day now.

Dear Rab

You just joined the Labour Party! Thanks for choosing to become a Party member, because our people are our greatest asset.

We'll be sorting out your Labour Party membership over the next few days. Look out for your Membership Pack and Labour Party card in 7-10 days time.

So what do you want to do? Our members are part of helping the Labour Party build a stronger and fairer Britain. Right now you are one of the newest members of the Labour Party, and you can choose how you want to be involved.

You can expect your local Labour Party to be getting in touch soon, wanting to know you better, and get you involved in campaigning, fundraising and social activities. So once your Membership details arrive why not take the opportunity to find out more about the Party; how it works and the latest news on policy and campaigning on Membersnet - Labour's Online Community.

As a Labour Party member you can meet and debate politics with like minded people in your community, and across the country. Meet elected representatives and gain a greater understanding of what Labour wants to achieve. You can even get involved with our policy making programme - Partnership in Power, and find out about how you can stand as a candidate in local and general elections.

So this is the start of something special - and how far you take that is up to you.

Thanks for joining!

xxxxx xxxxxxxx

Head of Membership Services

PS you can now vote in the Labour Party Leadership election(UK)

Just cant get any fucking better eh? fucking made your day..week....month even

Trooper Thompson said...

"I'm not a thick commie bastard. I'm a thick Marxist bastard."


RantinRab said...

Cheers Niko, I'm all out of Andrex!

Oldrightie said...

Connery, wife beater and all round arse hole. Bit like Niko, really.

Barking Spider said...

OR has kind of beaten me to it, Rab,I was just going to say that the fucker in the top picture hasn't turned out any better!

Anonymous said...

Nico Myxtupict.
Marxist fluffer still stuck in the
Probably in Welfare Admin or
Labour Fund Raising.

Down Mexico way

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Killer of herons and other illegal acts


if this was Mexico you would be dead in a second

microdave said...

Nico - Not only are you a thick Marxist bastard, you're blind as well.

Where in OR's "Heron" post does he claim to have murdered it???

He calls IT a "murdering bastard"...

Why don't you fuck off to Mexico, and give the rest of us some peace.

Dazed And Confused said...

@ microdave

"Why don't you fuck off to Mexico, and give the rest of us some peace".

Because that's where one of his heroes Leon Trotsky was presented with an ice pick, and no doubt Niko still has nightmares about the said event.

McGonagall said...

Socialism remains an aspiration for many Scots. We haven't had any yet but still live in hope. What we have had is the privatization of common goods and assets to the capitalist cronies of Labour Poseurs and Tory Toffs.

Vive Ecosse Libre.

Billy Blofeld said...

Socialism is the equivalent of cancer.

Poor people seem destined to never realise that Socialism can only make them even poorer still

brownlie said...

Marxism and NuLabour are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Poor Niko still thinks Labour and Nulabour are the same - Mrs Niko reads the Scotsman and the Daily Record to him.

Richard Henley Davis from TEV said...

HA HAH AHHAHAHAH nearly laughed my cock off when I saw those pics.......