Sunday, August 22, 2010

John Prescott's sausage roll bill could bankrupt Labour.

"It was this big but I managed it in two bites. Snort!"

Oh dear, Labour is in debt to the tune of £20 million and membership is 'falling dramatically'.

What a bloody shame.

And in true Labour fashion they want the rules changed because they don't benefit from the current ones anymore.

He said membership of the party was falling dramatically and called for limits on political parties' spending.

During the election the Conservatives were able to spend more than Labour.

Perhaps if Fatty Prescott was barred from the subsidised canteen at Labour HQ the debt might disappear in six months or so.

The fat bastard.


Mark Wadsworth said...


This is all Tony Blair's doing - t'was he who borrowed that £20 million for the 2005 election and spent it all (despite it was clearly they were going to win). They were just as incontinent with their own money as with the taxpayers'.

Maybe they can ask for him to bail them out? Since he resigned he's been coining it in.

Sam Duncan said...

I agree with Prescott. Do you know Labour was able to spend more than the Monster Raving Loonies at the last election? It's an outrage. Election spending should be limited to £7.50 and whatever small change the party treasurer can find down the back of his sofa (planted cheques for £1m don't count).

Jayce Kay said...

" you cannot keep on spending, we haven't got it"

heheheh, finally eh?

Dioclese said...

I must take exception to you describing John Prescott as a 'fat bastard'
In future, please refer to him as 'LORD Prescott, the fat, HYPOCRITICAL bastard'. There. That's better.

On the BBC news this morning, John Bercow's wife was reviewing the papers and taking great delight in telling us that LibDems are deserting their party and joining Labour 'in their thousands'.
This is good, because we need them to replace all the Labour party members who are joining the LibDems in their thousands.
Spin, spin, spin. God, I'm getting dizzy1

Anonymous said...

Who on earth would want to be a member of the so-called workers' party? The only good thing they ever did was create a national service for folk to use when they were ill with something - and I mean ill.

Since the war the whole Labour movement has been a front for transnational Marxism. So they've run out of money. Boo bloody hoo. And that Ruskin College alumni, John Prescott, he's a hypocrite of the first order.

I hope Labour go bankcrupt and we never hear of them again. Slags.


Oldrightie said...

Can you imagine the unfettered joy if the shit Labour loonies did go bust? Bear in mind that the treasurer could be liable for any losses. So vote fat slob Lord of the Pies and hypocritical windbag of lard, Prescott into the job, pronto!