Monday, August 30, 2010

The war on motorists continues

Remember the grand announcement by the government during the first few days of taking office?

The "war on the motorist" will be ended by the coalition Government, Philip Hammond, the new Transport Secretary, has promised.

Good stuff, we all thought. But it looks like the message hasn't got through to the councils. To ensure that the council's chief executives tax payer funded Lexus is protected from the cuts, they have decided to use legislation granted to them during the previous Labour administration to impose a parking tax on people who have the cheek to actually have a job and, wait for it, drive to work!

The first council to start this madness is Nottingham, with a few others to follow suit.

I would love it if council employees were somehow exempt or, as will probably be the case, the tax payer will pay their share. It may tip a few people over the edge.

How much more will people take before the revolution starts? Why isn't there rioting on the streets of Nottingham?


Joe Public said...

Nottingham should be forced to 'trial run' the chargeable levy on every council premises & school for at least 6 months, before subjecting the rest of its citizens to the Tax.

They should also be forced to call it a Tax & not a Levy.

wv the oh-so-close 'mings'

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Ole Phil Hammond says one thing but Ole Eric Pickles says

The Tories, when in opposition, opposed what they called Labour's "war on the motorist",
But many local authorities are revisiting the idea, especially after Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said they need to find ways to increase revenue.

Well no question who will win on this one.......Yep! the fat bastard who couldn't get elected in the north.

Dioclese said...

If its anything like where I live, you can park where you like and never get a ticket!

ArtCo said...

Fuckem , maybe these cunts will realise now what its fucking like running a couple of vans in town.
Try fucking parking anywhere in Edinburgh to carry out your business and the 'Levy' isn't even tax deductable ,the cunts of a whores diseased womb bastards.

Joe Public
They should also be forced to call it a Tax & not a Levy.
Agree entirely.

Dark Lochnagar said...

The British people just take it up the arse by politicians. We're programmed to be meek and mild. The on;y time we get motivated is for Football or fucking 'Eastenders'!