Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Donate or your child will be punished.

My nine year old brother in law arrived home from school with a letter from the head teacher. My gast was well and truly flabbered when I read it.

Dear Parents/Carers,

Playtime For Pakistan

As you will know from media coverage millions of children in Pakistan have lost their homes and have no food or clean drinking water due to recent flooding. On the afternoon of Thursday 2 September we are offering an extra playtime to encourage our pupils to bring a donation for this appeal. Thank you for your support.


Blah Blah
Head Teacher

I've had dealings with the school before about their dubious methods for raising cash for 'charity' but this is a new low. Using pester power and punishing those who will not or cannot donate is way out of order.

I wonder if the school has been set a target of how much to raise by the council?

Needless to say, their will be nothing donated from this household. And the school can fuck right off.


I am Stan said...

Aw come on Rab,check your sofa,I bet there`s a two pence coin in there somewhere...;)

Here at work they had a fundraiser in another office,a lass brought round some cakes she had baked,I gave her a five pence coin and took a cake,the look she gave me nearly turned me to stone.

Needless to say Ive not been asked again,JOB DONE!

McGonagall said...

" ...the school can fuck right off."

Well said.

Dick Puddlecote said...

You've experienced the right-on educators too, then. Sigh.

Mrs P's company had a 'pink day' once to raise money for CRUK. Half of the company were flabbergasted that she was the only one to turn up wearing blue. But a little explanation took place and, by the end of the day, there were very many who understood (and agreed) exactly why. ;)

Macheath said...

Begs the question of who will supervise the extra playtime and what will be done with those who don't participate.

The most surreal school fundraising I encountered was year-groups competing to raise funds to build a basic playground for African orphans; the winning year-group (72 children) was treated to a mass day out at Alton Towers (estimated cost £1,500 + staffing), while the African orphans got some tyre swings and a climbing frame.

Dazed And Confused said...

Pravda are at it As Well in a similar vien, to "Save" Pakistan.

There again with the BBC, it ticks all of the boxes of their leftist position on political correctness per se.

Hugh Janus said...

I see NASA are in the shit.
They were tasked to send their space station over the flooded areas of Pakistan to record the devastation but left their live audio feed on by mistake. Amongst the chatter that was picked up a few comments weren't very PC....

" Fuck me it's like a giant bowl of cocopops "

" Fuckers could do with a good wash anyway"

" Allah is angry "

" Building on a flood plain - poor move"

" At least their cricket team is raising their morale"

were some of the comments heard.

Anonymous said...

Surely you can spare a bucket of water?

(too soon?)

OohErrMissus said...

I'm told that although the shops have lost trade due to the floods, some of the old customers are starting to drift back in.


And when the bloody fools have "saved"all of those pakis ,said pakis will look around at all the devastation,think fuck this and head for the holy cities of bradford and bolton,where allah dispenses benefit,housing,schooling,all the kuffr you can rape,rob murder,and treat the indigenous locals like shit,and have all the flid kids the kuffr can afford,all this courtesy of a mental illness called marxism.

Jill said...

My kids have at least one, usually two, mufti charidee days each term. Cost: £2. Choice: give or punish child.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Heard the bad news about Pakistan?

It's stopped raining.