Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something to ponder.

A comment from this post.

Here's how the NWO thinks:

NWO 1: How do we create a one world government?
NWO 2: We need a war in order to unite all people to it
NWO 1: How do we create a war?
NWO 2: Simple, we create an enemy
NWO 1: How do we create an enemy?
NWO 2: We do the same as we did with Russia, create one
NWO 1: But who?
NWO 2: Well there's only one left - Islam as we've quite happily got the ignorant gentiles believing that Judaism is Christianity with Synagogues.
NWO 1: How do we go about making Islam our enemy?
NWO 2: Simple again. We use our media to promote the hatred of Islam and their culture and better still we allow mass immigration into the west, allow Islam to grow, watch as it digs a hole for itself by demanding Islamisation of the west and create an opposing force against it in the indigenous nationals. And then we start wars in Islamic lands...
NWO 1: But how do we start the wars, if they don't attack us, as they can't with us being too far away and too heavily defended?
NWO 2: We attack our own people and blame it on the Muslims. We can start of with small-fry stuff; murders of tourists, officials in Islamic lands moving up to plane hijacking and then onto massive attacks in our own lands. I don't know, something like flying planes into tall buildings with lots of people inside.
NWO 1: The public won't buy that. They're not that stupid.
NWO 2: Oh yes they are. Remember whoever controls the media controls the public. We control the media, we tell the media what to tell the people and they will follow.
NWO 1: Really? That simple?
NWO 2: Of course! And even better, once we've blown up part of our society, to add further insult to injury and to rally even more support for a war against Islam, we'll build a Mosque slap bang on the destruction zone, we created and instigated and blamed on the Muslims.
NWO 1: Ah yes, now I see it's so simple isn't it?
NWO 2: Of course it is. We've been doing it for centuries, playing people off against one another in order to provoke the outcome that we wanted from the start.
NWO 1: And the public won't catch on?
NWO 2: Well, of course there will be those who will see through the facade, but all we do is laugh them off as conspiracy theorists, turn the public they're trying to protect against them, again with our control of the main stream media. The public is an animal without a head and as long as we stop the head from being put on its shoulders we can't fail. We build our world on deceit. We have Goebbels to thank for his most brilliant lie theory and it works a dream!

And the wheel continues to revolve......

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