Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gordon's secret slush fund??

The Prime Minister

10, Downing Street
London, SW1A 2AA

3 February 2010

Dear Mr Brown,

At Prime Minister’s Questions today, you told the House of Commons that you knew nothing about the secret fund, worth a reported £50,000, which was held by the Labour Party for your benefit. When asked why you did not declare this on the Register of Members’ Financial Interests (RMFI), you said specifically: ‘I know nothing about what he [the questioner] is talking about.’

This simply cannot be true.

It is clear from Peter Watt, the Labour Party’s former General Secretary, that you were the beneficiary of a secret fund held by the Labour Party. He has said explicitly:

‘Before becoming Prime Minister, Gordon went to some lengths to insulate himself and the Treasury from our financial troubles, setting up his own personal pot of cash at party HQ. This was money we could not dip into, since it was set aside for the Chancellor’s own pet projects. Murray Elder helped secure donations from the Chancellor’s supporters’ (Inside Out, January 2010, page 105).

He went on to claim that it may have been used to finance your ‘long-term campaign to become party leader’ (Inside Out, Peter Watt, 2010, page 105).

Mr Watt’s assertions were widely reported. Indeed, across several pages in the Mail on Sunday, Mr Watt claimed that you used ‘up to £50,000-a-year of Labour money to pay for private polling’ (Mail on Sunday, 17 January 2010).

The allegations were explicitly confirmed as truthful by a Labour official who said in the same article: ‘It [the fund] was funded through donations to the Party.’

In the light of these allegations, my colleague, Greg Hands MP, wrote to you more than two weeks ago, on 17 January, to query why you had failed to declare the fund properly the Register of Members’ Financial Interests. This letter was publicised in several newspapers on 18 January.

As you did not respond, Greg Hands submitted a complaint to John Lyon, the Parliamentary Commissioner this week. I attach a copy of this complaint for your reference. Again, this complaint was reported.

Yesterday in a speech titled ‘Transforming Politics’, you said that you would ‘do all that is necessary to restore trust’ in politics and the conduct of MPs. If you wish to restore trust in politics, you should stop treating people like fools by claiming that you were unaware of this fund when all the evidence points to the contrary. I therefore urge you to admit to this fund’s existence, apologise for misleading the House and co-operate with any inquiries that John Lyon may wish to make.

Yours sincerely,

Eric Pickles
Chairman, The Conservative Party
Member of Parliament for Brentwood and Ongar


Let's see the bastard wriggle on this one.


Catosays said...

Jimmy said...'Mumble, mumble, slobber,it's the right thing...I think, therefore I'm a cunt'

Demetrius said...

This could be interesting, but where is Brown's offshore Trust fund?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post... I wonder how this will pan out....

microdave said...

Haven't the Inland Revenue clamped down on offshore funds??

subrosa said...

He'll say his medication interferes with his memory on occasion - or he pay lie of course.

Barking Spider said...
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Barking Spider said...

I'll try and get it right this time!

It seems he may well have had more than one of these slush funds, Rab - £300,000,000 has not been accounted for during his time as chancellor. ;-)

Anonymous said...

How much did the one eyed cunt pocket on selling our gold reserves at rock bottom prices, is a question that I'd like to muse upon.

Anonymous said...

I think every blogger in the land needs to do one on Wee Gordie's Slush Fund.
Even if nothing else, it'll annoy him & his pals to the nth degree.