Friday, February 5, 2010

Tis a good day, but...

'Oink, oink, oink and once again, oink'

The news that four of our piggy-wiggy 'parliamentarians' are to be charged with fiddling is indeed welcome news.

But you and I know, deep down, that the bastards will get away with it. Anything less than a jail sentence will be getting away with it, as far as I am concerned.

We are just being humoured. Give the plebs a few token scalps, hopefully that'll shut them up.

I sincerely hope that come the day when punishment is handed out and it is not a jail sentence, the sheeple take to the streets and break a few windows.

Whilst typing this, the lead story on Channel Five news is about a footballer and a slag who loves footballer cock. Fucking hellski...


Captain Ranty said...
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Captain Ranty said...
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Captain Ranty said...

Sadly, Rab, you don't need crystal balls to see this one coming.

No need for Mystic Meg, or that fat gay one.

Fines will be the order of the day. These boys didn't get where they are today without looking out for each other.



PS-Lovin' the makeover!

Leg-iron said...

They're going for the Charles I defence - 'we are above the law'.

It didn't work out all that well for old Charlie.

Nikostratos said...

He was sent to prison for seven years. He was sixty-two years old and completely unfit to face the rigours of prison life. He weighed seventeen stone and the authorities were unable to find a regulation uniform to fit him.

One (probably apocryphal story) recalls how a visitor came to see him in jail and found him sewing mail bags. The visitor enquired, "Ah, Bottomley - sewing?" The soldier's friend turned to him with a sorrowful shake of the head, "No, reaping."

Horatio Bottomley MP(1860-1933)

At all events, when he was discharged from prison in 1927 he disappeared into obscurity, and one of the last public accounts of him in the London Daily News in September 1932 shows just how far he had descended:

The strangest turn in the new non-stop variety programme at the Windmill Theatre last night was the appearance of an old man in a dinner suit who walked slowly to the middle of the stage and cast a sad and patient eye upon a puzzled audience. ... he told a little string of anecdotes from his Parliamentary, journalistic and racing experiences ... the occasion had a curiously disconcerting air of pathos


You can hope!

Argent said...

They won't be do, no way! I'm amazed they bother to charge anybody to be homest. I wonder how they worked out who to charge. Maybe they put names into a hat or prison time. Verification word: reapor.

call me ishmael said...

Starmer has Stooge-Form. A while back he happily accepted governmental instruction to bodge something together on assisted suicide. The life and death of the citizen and the guilt or innocence of the perpetrators/assistants is clearly a matter for parliament and not for the DPP or the judges; a total dereliction of fundamental duty by the Shitbags. A decent DPP would have told them to go and fuck themselves, Starmer acquiesced. What was most telling about his brief remarks this morning was that several times he insisted that senior CPS lawyers had been painstaking in looking at this, had even invited an eminent -aren't all these fucking rotten lawyer bastards eminent? - cue-cee to invigilate them.

There is no need for all this shit; this isn't sophisticated international fraud involving dummy corporations and foreign banks, these arseholes are common criminals, straight up and down, five minutes review of the evidence, no mortgage, yet claiming for a mortgage; dodgy receipts, wasn't in London on the nights in question, feel their collars, commit them, bang them up, they do this shit all day long, every day. And yet Starmer insisted time and again on the purity of the process, almost as though saying, in advance, I have done my very best, no stone unturned, should they walk, it wasn't my fault, guv. The whole show stunk of rats.

It is clearly scape-goating, a handful getting fucked up the arse on behalf of several hundred partners in crime and another several hundred who should be in the dock for neglect of public duty by not whistle blowing.

Focusing so closely on this grimy quartet we miss the big picture, which is, of course, the best result for those who have made a career of shitting in our faces. Was it only last year that they were all trumpeting that far and away the vast majority, ninety nine point ninety-nine were decent honest people just serving the public. What a shower of shit.