Monday, February 22, 2010

Piss off, Scottish Gummint.

Contains lots of angry swearing...

Just piss off, you bunch of jumped up town councillors.

Right, I am thoroughly fucked off. The cunts that infest the monumental waste of our cash that is the Scottish Parliament have decided that their are too many fat bastards in Scotland. And of course, something must be done.

So, true to form what must be done is to 'punish' everyone by dictating what shops can sell and where it can sell it. Employers will be 'encouraged' to help their staff get healthy.

Some fuckwit called Tam Fry, (is his middle name Deep?), declares that supermarkets sell too many foods high in fat/salt/sugar etc. Is the clown blind? Shops are full of healthier options. People buy what they want to buy. People eat what they want to eat. What fucking business is it of the state?

Oh, apparently obesity costs Scotland £457 million a year and could reach a cost of £3 billion a year. Yeah, fucking prove it then.

I'm fed up with this constant crap. If I want to gorge myself on deep fried pizza, smoke forty fags a day and drink litres of white cider 'till I piss my trousers and vomit down my string vest that's my concern, not yours. I'm perfectly aware that I'll probably die from a heart attack before I'm fifty. It's more appealing than listening to the constant stream of sanctimonious arseholes dictating what we can and cannot do.

Perhaps they should take a look at Alex 'who ate all the pies' Salmond. Talk about leading by example. The fat cunt.


Joe Public said...

Like the recent distillary closure, caused by the clampdown on drinking alcoholic drinks, I predict similar hand-wringing at food-factory closures.

Campaign to make Deep Fried Mars Bars the national food of Scotland.

Nikostratos said...

Apparently I am obese with the docs help I am attempting to be just a Fat

put me on the fat tablets(prescription) 30% stronger than the alli ones.Probs is I fart a lot (really smelly ones phew!)and shit meself no change there then!

Uncle Marvo said...

I love haggis

Mark Wadsworth said...

I do wonder who dreamed up that £457 million figure, I especially love the spurious accuracy.

As any such calculation would involve pluses (pensions saved because of early deaths, VAT on chocolate and take-aways, duty on booze, tax paid by food outlets and manufacturers) as well as minuses (treating fatties on the NHS) and as both of these are subject to huge margins of error, even establishing that the figure is negative would be very difficult.


The Young Oligarch said...

It comes down to control , Rab .
These useless c***s want to OWN us , body and soul .

It is not a political problem that I'm a fat bastard , it's my problem (some of the time , anyway).

If the NHS spends some of my tax money on me - so what ? I've paid for it .

If that is too expensive , then there's something wrong with the NHS and its funding .

And they can shove their compulsory organ donation scheme up their collective arse , as well !

F**k them !

Sandy said...

Mind that blood pressure now Rab......

Anonymous said...

Rab,you've surpassed yourself today. That was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Oh this scottish government !