Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are you listening, LibLabCon?

A Labour voter, yesterday.
(Not her, him in the background)

With Gordon's gaffe hitting the headlines, (the only gaffe is that he got caught), and his dismissal of the woman's concerns with the typical socialist smearing that any deviation from the political correctness mantra automatically labels the perpetrator an 'ist', 'phobe' or, in this case, a 'bigot'.

Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems and the Nationalist parties are not listening. They are not talking about what really matters to the normal, everyday people of this country. What the old dear said to Gordon is right!

Instead, the main parties bicker amongst themselves. All they seem to spout are half truths, untruths and don't offend the poofs. All of which mean nothing to me or my family.

Career politicians, all of them. Detached from the real world, the world that you and I have to live in every day of our lives. We see the issues that matter to us and our families. They, apparently, cannot.

At work the other night, all of my colleagues expressed dismay at the antics of all the main parties. Even the 'couldn't give a toss either way brigade' are finally waking up to the fact that the LibLabNatCon really is a con.

So, they all have a week to get their acts together. But you and I know that they won't.

It'll be business as usual, whoever gets in.


Anonymous said...

No they are not Rab. The righteous have the law on their side.


Sam Duncan said...

Anyone else reminded of Joe the plumber? True, Joe didn't derail the Obama Train, but it was only just pulling out of the station. The Labour Express hit the buffers years ago.

Those pesky voters. No wonder the EU wants to sideline them.

microdave said...

Well get your mates to vote for someone else!

LoSTBoY said...

I think someone needs to do a proper "Fight Club" intervention, get the knife and the rubber bands ready.

Only problem would be finding their balls to cut them off.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that during Gordons "chat" with this lady, that he threatened the wee neds in the background with the Jail. How dare he marginalise and stereotype these neds, he doesnt even know them and they probably wont vote for him now !!!