Monday, April 19, 2010

Your country hates you.

The Union Flag.

This country really hates it's people. The contempt of the state for it's minions knows no bounds. We are watched, collated, catalogued, legislated against. All without our consent. Agents of the state wearing the uniform of authority, the hi viz jacket, crawl over all aspects of our existence.

A shocking example of the disdain the government and it's cohorts hold for the subjects of this once great country was laid out for all to see late on Saturday night.

With all the chaos caused by the volcanic ash grounding all flights, a plucky bunch of Brits had managed to get on the last ferry to Portsmouth. The ferries were heaving with extra foot passengers, as you would expect. Many of the passengers had trains to catch, the last ones of the day. All passports had been checked by French passport control and the travelers bobbed their way over the channel to Blighty.

Time was of the essence if the trains were to be caught.

They arrived in Portsmouth and rushed off the ferry, eager to reach the train station.

But no, the 'authorities' insisted on herding all the passengers into lines in order for their papers to be checked. Regardless if they had been checked in France. They were not interested in the plight of the people who pay their wages.

The people got restless, at one time nearly 'breaking out'. The police were called and organised lines were reinstated.

Eventually, they 'authorities' relented slightly. But too late for the trains to be caught.

See how they spit in our faces. See how they stamp in our face.

See how we take it, like the compliant sheeple that we are.

Watch the video here.


don't panic ! said...

I expect there would be similar shouts of the country going to the dogs if they had just let everyone in without checking them. "Open borders at our ports ! ". With suitable righteous moaning in all the papers about how a little crisis makes us throw caution to the wind and just let folk in willy nilly.
If it had been a crowd of more tanned looking folk would the story have been the same ? Doubt it.

sangatte ? said...

" All passports had been checked by French passport control "

Fuck me. When the fuckity fuck did they ever give a shit about who came into the UK ?!

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Yes Rab I didn't have to watch the GGT coverage to know that there wouldn't be a yashmak, bushmeat peddler or burkha in sight. If there had been a fleet of divesified, inclusivitied, equalitarian cock worshipping arctic circle sunseekers in sight the "authorities" would have been shitting themselves and fallen over themselves to get some top quality brownie points scored on the Common Purpose gold star award scheme by swishing them through immediatement and into Rolls Royce taxies, suitably curtained in case their women folk were seen through the windscreen by the white aboriginals.

BTW one of the reasons why UKplc never fell into the death camp malarky during the 20th cenmtury is that we are naturally too easy-osey and are more likely to be lined up at the bar than lining up a death march. With the disapperance of boozers I fear we might be getting into the concentration camp vibe.

There be trouble ahead when all the hi-viz Kommandos get the bullet when the public finances go belly up.

woman on a raft said...

It must be emphasized that the immigration officers and police are following exactly the rules which NuLab laid down for them. It's not jobsworths, it is what they've been told to do.

In a way, it's handy that it is now, a few days from the election, so that the public can see exactly how much in contempt they are held, with Snotty panicking and sending what remains of our Navy to pick people up.

I hope that at least some of th 1/3 of the people in that crowd who were thinking of voting Labour finally wake up and realize why it is a bad idea.

A minimally competent government - even Berlusconi - would have already had police officers at the docks, the gates open and everyone shifted on to trains as a matter of public order and public protection, having told the immigration wallahs to sit down and hold their tongues, they were being over-ruled.

God save us if there is ever a real disaster as opposed to travel problems; these people have had their brains removed and are incapable to taking sensible decisive action.

Of course they might have let some illegals in by accident. This is the one time when the overriding necessity was to get our people back, no matter what.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Hope you mean the multicoloured variety of Black sheep(term used as an illustration only)usage is banned

Ruth said...

'Of course they might have let some illegals in by accident' - no change there then apart from 'by accient' - don't they usully have the Welcome mat out for them?

Barking Spider said...

This crap has to stop, Rab, but we certainly can't depend on Cameron having the balls to do it!

subrosa said...

You can't depend on Clegg either BS.

banned said...

Interesting that the police backed down in the light of white middle class anger (even if it was to late to catch the trains by then).
I'm stealing that link Rab, ta.


Raft-woman,"i was only following orders"is no legal defence,these people are free agents,they do not have to do these things,but they do seem to enjoy them.If 80+ year-old ex camp guards are criminally liable,then so are these stste apparatchiks.

woman on a raft said...

Apologies if I've given the impression of defending this. They have behaved both incompetently and with deliberate unpleasantness.

My purpose is to show that they management of the immigration service creates the environment for this indecency, and that the management is in effect the government.

We've seen it several times, historically. I agree that no person can escape the moral consequences of their actions, but to understand why they acted like that you have to look at what gave them permission to do it and in particular the reward system which produces it.