Friday, April 16, 2010

David Cameron - Insurance Salesman

'How many years no claims have you got?'

Well, I watched and listened to the 'mass debate' last night. I would have turned over early on, but I wanted to piss off the missus. It was tedium of world class standard.

Nothing new was said, nothing surprised me. The three snake oil salesmen did their duty. Cameron should have destroyed Brown and Clegg but he failed, big time.

And that, dear reader, is a worry.

There is a real danger, in my opinion, that Labour could win this election by the skin of their teeth. The most hated and incompetent government in generations, led by the most uncharismatic, dour leader with apparent anger management issues should be swept away with barely concealed contempt. As they deserve.

The problem is that the leader of the opposition, by all rights the future Prime Minister, just hasn't got that sparkle in front of the cameras. When he talks, he drones on. There is no passion in what he says, no conviction. He should be driving home his points with a raised voice, a thump of the lectern, an accusing point at his rivals. His policies may be fantastic*, his arguments valid* but if they are not delivered with fire in his belly the tories will lose the election.

It's like he is trying to sell us car insurance.

I am no supporter of the tories. As far as I can see they could be as bad as Labour. But Labour need to be kicked out of power and the best hope of that is a tory victory.

Call me Dave needs to up his game. And sharpish. If he screws the election up, I shall regard him as a traitor.

* - they're not.


Uncle Marvo said...

Wot Rab said.

Best result Tories win, LibDems second, Labour none at all.


Or UKIP win and all the rest get nothing. Not likely though.

Sam Duncan said...

I caught some of it. The short one was a laugh, and that one who looks like Charlie Sheen is a boy, isn't he?

Hang on... that might have been Two and a Half Men. Does it matter? It's much the same thing, surely.

(WV: mandestl. Run away!)

2Mac said...

Agree Rab,

I thought Cameron could have put a bit of backbone into it. if you want to PM turn and face that cunt Brown and rub his faux socialist north british nose in the shit he has created that we have to live through every day then poke him in the one good eye.

Lets be honest the list of El Gordo's mistakes long and deep like this fucking recession.

I nearly threw my half empty bottle of wine at the TV in rage but abstained due to the fact it was after all only half empty.

Clegg stood out by the simple fact he wasn't a wee shite bag.

We need a french style revolution to sort out Westminster.

I have an idea where we can fix all our problems and still have a "Hung Parliament"

Anonymous said...

Dear Rab

I get the feeling that that nice Mr Cameron does not want to win this election.


Chuckles said...

Dear Anonymouse,

Last guys don't finish nice.