Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Looking for a McJob?

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I don't particularly enjoy McDonalds or Burger King. On the rare occasion that I will have fast food I prefer KFC.

Observation. Every single KFC I have ever been in has been filthy. Even though they aren't as busy as McDonalds, the seating area is always fucking minging. It really grips my shit that the mong that's in charge of wiping the tables can't, ummm, wipe the tables. Or sweep the floor. Or empty the bins.

And why do I always get 'served' by the young lad with the ridiculous bum fluff? Does he work in all of them? Seems to...

update, I just remembered that I was in KFC in Kilmarnock the other week and watched as one of the staff took the rubbish out to the skips. He came back in and went straight behind the counter and started serving. Without washing his hands. Sort it out you manky bastards.


Sue said...

How extraordinary. They're the same in Spain. Filthy eating areas and filled with screaming kids.

At least they serve beer though!

scunnert said...

Same here in Canada. Mockit, manky and mingin. It's their trademark.

Bugger said...


Over on Dean McKinnon-Thomson's blowg he has a wee piece on the Pope and paedophilia.


Have a wee read, the comments are quite good too.

Feel free to join in.

Joe Public said...

So Obo's moonlighting as a model again?

Apt wv again: slaphree

Dazed And Confused said...

I see that the cunts are about to go all "Halal" on us Dhimmi's as well.

Not enough for our Islamic brethren though

Tcheuchter said...

I have not touched KFC since I offered to share it with my old Doberman many years ago. Having sniffed the proffered morsel he looked down his aristocratic nose at me as if to say "Such stuff might be all right for peasants like you, but don't expect me to eat it."

In the end, the seagulls had it.