Friday, April 9, 2010

The BBC wastes even more of our money

The BBC is well known for throwing our money about with gay abandon. Nearly every project it instigates runs over time and over budget. Every large sporting event has such a large BBC contingent it usually out-numbers the athletes sent by the UK.

Using Freedom of Information legislation, I found out that the BBC directly employ union reps. These reps do not do anything constructive for the BBC, (who does?), but are employed by Auntie Beeb.

Five people that are paid for by you and I via the unfair TV license. Through no choice by us, we are funding union activity. To the tune of the best part of £200,000. Paid by us mugs.

This is simply outrageous. And it must stop.

Where in the private sector would this happen? My workplace has union reps, same as any other workplace. The difference is they also have a job to do. Union activity is in addition to their employment. Of course they receive paid time off for any union training courses etc, but these courses are very few and far between. And in any case, it's a private company answerable only to it's shareholders.

The BBC is answerable to no one for the way it deals with it's finances. It can do as it pleases. It's much lauded independence from Parliament interference helps it remain in it's 'money bubble'.

The only glimmer of hope is that the Royal Charter that grants it the right to do what the hell it wants is up for renewal in 2016. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

If Scotland goes independent before 2016 the charter is already torn up.

Think about it?

PJH said...

You have union reps in your (I'm assuming, private sector) employment?

Can we have some of that? Software development if you need an industry to target. Or simply 'IT'.

My last experience of unions involved a missed flight, and a subseuent missed train. Followed by, 30-umpty years previously, something to do with coal.

I look forward to some replies (especially about the union that takes the fluffy category of 'programmer')

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, the whole orgaisation needs some root and branch pruning, from the top down. Some of the salaries being paid are ridiculous.