Saturday, April 3, 2010

Go compare....

A fat annoying bastard. Just like John Prescott.

Same story but told from two different political perspectives.

First, from the Daily Mail.

Secondly, from the publicly funded BBC. Voice of the nation, trusted by all etc etc.

Note to BBC, just report the fucking facts please. That's what you are there for. Failing that, stop robbing us of the license fee and fund yourself.


Dazed And Confused said...

One day people will learn that BBC/New Labour are one in the same, and thus, the Socialists control media output, like some Stalinist throw back of fifties Eastern Europe.

Until then........

Anyone for play station chaps and chapettes?

scunnert said...

Nothing new - same old sanitized "news" in case somebody gets "offended". They do it over here as well - it's the multicultist thing where we don't mention the ethnicity of the perpetrators if they are anything other than white. Don't mention their names either 'cause that can be a give away. So whenever you read an article that doesn't mention the ethnicity or name of the offender you know immediately what the score is.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, I must admit I don't see much wrong with the BBC one. It could have made more of a play about them being Afghans but it reported the facts much more succinctly than the Mail, which although I use quite a bit for source stories is a bit more right wing than Ghenkis Khan.

banned said...

DL, the BBC censored the Fact that the 'boys' were supposed to be under supervision never mind the Fact that they are asylum seekers which might have no relevance. They reported the 'fact' of their supposed ages without mentioning the high probablitity that they are actually grown men.

Dazed And Confused said...

@Dark Lochnagar:

It's not about this one story.

It's the BBCs never ending bias toward Socialists and Socialism, and this from the supposed flagship State broadcaster, and publicly funded institution.

Tonight, because they have been instructed to give the smaller parties air time in the lead up to election time, the rattles come out of the pram once more, and some Beeboid or other has come out with the statement:

"The idea of having to interview the Ukip leader Nigel Farage is turning people's stomachs."

Now who's stomach would that be? And why do they not make similar reference to the Commies of Plaid Cymru?

This is just never ending Socialist propaganda on behalf of the BBC.

Chalcedon said...

Some facts removed to assuage the growing anger. And what of the supervisor? WTF was he doing when this incident too place?