Monday, April 19, 2010

Thugs in Hi-Viz...

Burnley fans being 'cleared' from Ewood Park after the match on 28th March this year.

Video from this site.

In one instance, a father who had attended the match with his 12-year old son said he had stumbled and fallen on one police officer. He said he was beaten across the face, received a severely bruised leg and a suspected broken rib as his son watched in horror. He was then arrested and held in custody by the police for four hours, during which he was seen by a police doctor and eventually presented with a choice – accept a caution or face a charge of violent disorder.

Why do we keep tolerating this type of shit?

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DaveP said...

Thank God none of my loons decided to join the police.

The police now seems to be composed mostly of unaccountable, overpaid, corrupt, thuggish bastards.

Jayce Kay said...

Sad and tragic, however after the murder of Ian Tomlinson, hardly surprising thuggish behaviour from Police Officers.

What we need are more incorruptable Police men, there are some out there, but regrettably, far to few.

RantinRab said...

I usually support the rank and file officers and I enjoy the Inspector Gadget blog.

But enough is enough.

Dazed And Confused said...

I remember Years back Millwall fans had cards printed, where-by they handed them out to those they'd beaten up, saying: "Congratulations, you've just met the Bushwackers".

Perhaps the police may now proceed along the lines of a similar strategy, where-by they now hand out their own calling cards, demanding that their quarry: "Vote Labour" if they don't wish to be visited again, by old one eyes politically indoctrinated stormtroopers and thugs.

scunnert said...

The fans seem to accept it as normal that they should be beaten with billy clubs. Is this a regular occurrence at football matches? I know if they tried that with hockey fans they's get their arses handed to them tout de suite.

The UK's citizens are now so abjectly repressed and humiliated they'll accept a beating from state hired thugs. They know their place!

banned said...

How come most of the ground wasempty?

Never accept a caution. It is not some sort ogf 'get out of jail free' card; it gives you a criminal record and will be jumped upon by the Criminal Record Bureux.


We tollerate this kind of shit because we are divided.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for sounding like a pedantic socialist wanker but thats Burnleys stadium.