Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Purcell story reaches the USA

A fat, corrupt socialist. Probably.

The stench of Labour corruption and cronyism has reached the USA.

It has been revealed that Steven Purcell, former head of Glasgow City Council, is undergoing a police investigation. He has been alleged of being corrupt. Strathclyde Police are probing into documents to verify whether Purcell employed unjustifiable influence to obtain a £50,000 contract for friend and fellow councilor, Ruth Black.

Reports conjecture the case is being examined by the Major Crimes and Terrorism Unit.

A spokesman from the police department evinced, "Strathclyde Police are assessing the information available to them, therefore it would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this stage".

The matter came to light when SNP councilors were tipped-off about potentially incriminating data over the allocation of the publicly funded lesbian and gay drop-in centre, in the city, to Ruth Black. This information was then handed over to police.

Ruth Black, was earlier in-charge of the centre. However, the center had collapsed and left a debt of £300,000 in April 2009. The collapse came two years after Black resigned and stepped down from her chair.

According to reports, two rival bids were made for the center. The two competitors were Glasgay, an established organization, and Black who proposed to set up a new organization called Castro. The outcome of the bid was in favor of Black.


tomandclaire said...

Quite amazing how it can reach the USA but cannot make it as far as the BBC or SKY

Anonymous said...

There's not much to admire about the US penal system, but on this occasion I would gladly support Purcell being tried in the US.

Within a couple of days he'd be Bubbas girl, or would be found face down in his cell with a arse like an exploded melon.

Can we extradite him?