Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lazy Glasgow MP needs the polis to hold his hand

Hello, I'm Willie Bain and I'm a socialist shitebag. Vote for me if you want to keep your Giro.

Gorbal Mick's successor in the Glasgow North East constituency, Willie Bain, apparently needs Strathclyde's finest to ensure his safety when holding surgeries in his own territory.

From his very own website, no doubt written from his bedroom in his mum and dad's council flat....

1) Springburn 2:30pm (police in attendance)
North Glasgow Housing Association
Ned Donaldson House
50 Reidhouse Street
Glasgow G21 4LS

Don't know why he needs bodyguards, the place looks fairly decent for the shithole that is North East Glasgow. Have a look,

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It would also seem that oor Willie is one of the laziest piggies in Parliament. You can't blame him really. I would be the same. The mongs he calls constituents would vote for a skid marked pair of Y fronts if it had a red rosette pinned on it.


tris said...


He musta been taught his trade by that fat baron, his noblemess the Lord Springburn, may blessings etc...

Despite being the highest commoner in the land, above the Prime Minister even, he got diddley done for his constituency. Now it wasn't his inability to get things done because god knows he got plenty done for Mick Martin. So clearly he installed himself, and then installed his son and then sat back on his fat arse and let the pennies roll in. Lazy fat git.

So wee whatsit will have no difficultly enjoying that little sinecure for the rest of his life, or until Mick's son wants it, at which time the heavies will move in and wee Willie will move out.

Anonymous said...

I know some of the lads in the rank and file over there and they make fun of him too.
Everybody knows he is a replacement for That Fat union ex speaker Hoon.

J Demetriou said...


I've seen a bit of this bloke on a politics docu a few months back.

I believe everything you say about him. Disgraceful politics.

Bugger said...

I thought I told you to fuck off.

Do as you are told.

You are not wanted here so,


and don't come back.

2Mac said...

I was looking at this last night and I thought. That muppet Labour MP looks like someone. It hit me a few moments ago.

Harry Enfields Toff.

Tim Nice But Dim.

Since he is in Glasgow he can be.

The Rt Honourable Willie the lying, thieving gypsie faux socialist labour muppet fuckwit Bain

Anonymous said...

In Baird St. He is referred as the "ManChild" or "Boy in the plastic bubble" . Like the Martin's totally oblivious to the needs of the community.