Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby P doc sues for unfair dismissal

Useless cow

Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat, the 'doctor' who failed to spot the broken back of Baby P has now decided that she has been made a scapegoat and is suing for unfair dismissal.

She could get up to £100k in compensation if she is successful.

Fuck me, you couldn't make it up.


DaveP said...

Woman...Muslim... Bet she gets somewhere with this.

Anonymous said...

So it's her fault that someone else was abusing ``Baby P''?

Shut the fuck up, you thick pricks. You stupid, lazy cunts should try being a doctor; you fucking armchair critics wouldn't last a minute.

RantinRab said...

So who said it was her fault that someone else was abusing Baby P?

Was it Baby P's fault that she is an incompetent doctor?

Fuck the fuck off cock breath.

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

well put, rab!..if that fucking useless bitch was doing her job properly (and how hard can it be to spot a broken back) then maybe, just maybe, baby peter would still be alive.

she is a thick twat and should just fuck off, as should you, anon, you prickwart.

DaveP said...

Hear Hear to the last 2 comments. The doctor was totally fucking incompetant. I sincerely hope anon. is not in any way connected to the medical profession.

RantinRab said...

Perhaps anon is connected to the medical profession. As a patient in the fucking looney bin.

Barking Spider said...

Do you think if someone broke the fucking incompetent money-grabbing cunt's back she would notice it? Anonymous should fuck the fuck off to whatever PC stone he crawled out from under - dickwad!!

AngryDave said...

There are nurses who work at the jail where i work who diagnose broken bones every day. A doctor is meant to have a higher level of medical training and ability.

The fact that she failed to notice a broken spine in a todler is nothing short of incompetance.

I also have no doubt she will win her law suit because she is a muslim and will no doubt claim some form of racism or lack of understanding that is not her fault, but ours.
Her pay out will be more like £500,000 or maybe i am justa cynical bastard.