Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crime rate plummets!

I wonder how the right on/equality and diversity/pc brigade will react to this.

How delicious it is to see what we all know, but were frowned upon to say it out loud, being proved.

Never mind, they'll get all the mollycoddling and privileges inside anyway, paid for by the tax payer.


Joe Public said...

So that's 5 spare tickets now available.................

Hacked Off said...

I think that if they locked up loads more pikeys the rural crime rate would plummet back to 1940's.

Then start on locking up the young blacks in the towns, knife crime would fall.

Ooo-er, missus, does that make me some sort of racist?

The Penguin

RantinRab said...

Penguin it makes you an 'ist' all right. A realist.