Monday, June 15, 2009

Pest control admits defeat

Unfortunately the quick extermination a few weeks ago of the vermin Damien McBride, (latin name bloatus reduss faced cuntus), has been unsuccesful.

Signs of another infestation have been reported around it's usual territory, the Liebore party.

A press release by Rentokil this morning stated, "It is with great regret that we have to report a sighting of a pest that we previously understood to be eliminated from public view some time ago. Our scientists are working round the clock to re-formulate the poison and all traps will be re-baited as soon as possible".

There has been no reported sighting of the less durable pest that usually accompanies McBride, Dolly Draper, (beardus twattus).


The End (Bye Bye!) said...

"beardus twattus" - fucking love it!

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

sadly, the vermin mcbride is attracted to the smell of used nappies and finds it too irrisitible to stay away for too long...