Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The hidden war against you.

The following post is a comment from Old Holborn's place.

The society in which we live is subject to accelerating unprecedented negative change probably never before seen in the history of humankind. The diverse global cultural values of individual countries are under attack and in the initial process of destruction. The national identity of individuals is on the road to anonymity based on ignorance. The process of globalisation responsible for this phenomenon is executed under the guise of philanthropy and racial harmony. The objectives behind this process are far from philanthropic or harmonic and if achieved will have led the human race so far down the road into subjugation and misery that extrication will be extremely difficult. The stand has to be made now before the rot becomes more formidable. The primary aim of the process of globalisation is to enslave the masses for the benefit of the few.

Of course, as Bourdier and Wacquant (1999) among others have warned, we must always be cautious of the way we use the term globalisation, because, perhaps more often than not, it is a concept that is used arguably to depersonalise and anonymize the real power structure while in fact we know that the top of the global power hierarchy is formed by the Wall Street- Treasury complex and its political puppets and economic allies in the U.S. and other Western countries.” (Hamm & Smandych 2005).

The authors are telling us that the political leaders we have elected are nothing more than puppets of the rich. The authors further inform us that globalisation is a process in which the rich are tightening their grip on the lower majority social classes in their enhancement of their contemporary totalitarian regimes.

The CHIEF seemingly harmless method by which the conquest of globalisation is being executed is known as soft power domination. The process is defined as “the ability to achieve desired outcomes in international affairs through attraction rather than coercion” (Joseph S. Nye).

The method relies upon seduction rather than the threat that is the basis for hard power encroachment the other side of the coin. The use of hard power techniques was seen at the recent G20 protests in which the police appear to have killed Ian Tomlinson.

The deaths of John Smith, Dr. Kelly and Robin Cook were also probably related to the hard power approach … hard power is usually only used where soft power methods are ineffective.

The recent scandals involving M.P. s’ immoral expense claims are part of the soft power style of social dominance. The high levels of M.P. s involved exposed the wide spread practice of soft power seduction in the area of finance related to high-level politics.

The majority of modern power dominance has been achieved through soft power. The areas involved in soft power social dominance can be found in the form of “movies, pop music, television, fast food, fashions, theme parks” (Hamm & Smandych 2005).

Yes, a harmless looking artificial iconic hamburger is probably more effective in acquiring social dominance than a hand grenade. The use of soft power often goes unrecognised and thus unchallenged with its invisibility making it highly formidable.

The recognition of this process is essential in the fight against it. The effect of soft power can insidiously undermine the cultural values of a society with those values being replaced by the values of the cultural threat.

The social values which our children ape are set by the Plutocrat … the Plutocrat controls the music and fashion industries that in turn control the pop stars that control the actions of our children. The cultural norms to which young people in this area aspire have been introduced through soft power domination techniques. The Pied Piper had nothing on these guys.


The evidence suggests that the rich control our society
That our society only masquerades as a Democracy
That our elected political leaders are puppets of the rich
That the things we are brain washed into thinking we like are spelling our undoing and is part of the process of globalisation
That when a subject resists soft power ruthless hard power techniques are used to overcome the challenge
That globalisation is in the disinterest of the majority of the population of the U.K.

So what can we do?

We have to cut off the tentacles of the controlling forces starting with the European Union and re-establish our identity and self determination while bringing our politiciains and media manipulaters to book: vote for ANYONE outside of the inner circle of corruption, reject all media that encourages it and be fully aware of soft power encroachment that comes in many forms. Let’s hear it from Hamm & Smandych:-

“Yet, collectively, we also recognise that even under the most repressive regimes, resistance to attempts at political- economic cultural dominance is not necessarily impossible”


Anonymous said...

Whilst I totally agree with this thesis, I don't think many UK citizens will be able to read it, or understand what on earth it means. The majority of the electorate are, after all, BGT, Big Brother fans. i.e. Thick!

RantinRab said...

Indeed, and why do you think our telly channels are filled with shit like BGT/Big Brother etc?

Cate Munro said...

Completely agree Rab! Great post! (I will knick and link if you don't mind - the word needs spreading!)
But you're right - the REASON people dont understand it is because we're gradually being 'dumbed down'. It's part of the big plan - and we need to rise against it! ;-)

CrazyDaisy said...


An enthralling read,

I predict a riot, many of them, I just don't know the exact timings, but they're coming.

Media - fuck em, nothing a piece of lead won't cure - 5.56 full metal jacket!

Crazy D

RantinRab said...

I wish I could say it was all my own work, but I have neither the brains or the articulate mind required!

The End (Bye Bye!) said...

This nicely written thesis seems to come from here.

soapy said...

wether or not they are your words, wether or not you have the brains or the articulation to formulate that article is really moot, the fact that you have the moral integrety and courage to publish it is infinately more valuable.

Fair play to you sir!

Crazy D may I recommend a 7.62 full metal jacket round, better stopping power that a 5.56 round.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not with the rich using their influence to control
Our lives. The problem is that we no longer value our own lives. We are no longer happy with the reality we create on a day to day basis. We want more, we need more, we are told to want and need more.
Consider the Sun has just burned its last hydrogen atom and in 8 minutes from now the lights are going out forever.
What do you do? What do you think? Who do you think of? Not the the things you thought you wanted or the people you thought you should be like.
You look at your family and friends and you wonder if you really were true to yourself and them.
It's not what others do to you or others claim is being done to you. It's what you do and always will be even after the lights are off.

hermit said...

Well posted. I believe this is spot on.
@ other posters:
Good posts.

I used to call people thick, until I realised there were very many nice thick people out there, and we are all in the same boat. Now I label them as asleep.
They are not thick. They have been duped, - by world class dupers.

I have been on to this for several years now, and feel the only advice I can offer is:
1. Educate yourself. There are dozens of relevant videos available on google & utube.
2. Try and educate the sleepers, but tread carefully, lest you are dismissed as a conspiracy theorist (i.e. nutter).

This is very serious, & I wouldn't like to guess which way it will all go. THEY have been working on this for years & probably think they have all eventualities covered.
I have a little optimism, believing people are beginning to wake up now, & many more will.

Good luck all. Keep up the good work.

Jade said...

Woss BGT, innit?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Can we use hard power on shites like the Prime Mentalist and the Shahid Malik scumbag, and the 645?

Sooner rather than later?

Old Holborn said...

huh? wassat all abaht then?

killemallletgodsortemout said...


"The deaths of John Smith, Dr. Kelly and Robin Cook were also probably related to the hard power approach … hard power is usually only used where soft power methods are ineffective."