Thursday, June 11, 2009

More tax payer bale out nonsense

Another financial 'institution' is to be baled out by you and I, the tax payer.

West Bromwich Building Society is tits up and a rescue plan will be happening in the next few days. All saver's cash is guaranteed and the society's mortgage customers should see 'business as usual'.

Once again, greedy bastard bosses have been pushing it a tad too far. But it's okay, we'll cough up. Whether we like it or not.


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Hornby's new job said...

I see Andy Hornby who managed to trash HBOS throwing thousands on the dole and costing the taxpayer over £10Bn in bailouts is the new boss at Boots the chemist. His starting salary hasn't been revealed but it will help to top up his HBOS consultancy fee of £60K a month and generous pension pot of £4million.