Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peter and Gordon at a gay bar.

Tip of the manky bandage to Dazed and Confused


Anonymous said...

Is the problem not that the poor man wants
to be rich, the rich man wants to be king &
the king ain't satisfied till he rules everything?
I checked you blog out for ages. What's your
take on the Ghia theory? Does it explain our

RantinRab said...

Ah, my cryptic friend. I have no problem with the poor man wanting to be rich, or the rich man wanting to become king. However, power corrupts as we all know, thus the king aint satisfied until he is supreme ruler.
Myself, i am fairly happy with my lot. I'm not poor, (in the grand scheme of things), nor am I rich. The whole point of my blog is that the king should bugger off out of my life. Let him rule his own little empire, without stealing my money, without telling me how to live my life. We are conditioned to accept this 'supreme rule' without question, responsibility for your own frailties and failures have been taken from the individual and 'the king' gladly pats you on the head and sends you on your way, with no penalty incurred. The pint of gold top milk that this land once was is now a generic homogenized pint. 'The king' and his cohorts do not want the cream to rise to the top and rather than try to create a full pint of cream, the cream is removed and the rest of the milk is conditioned to be like the lesser quality stuff, the stuff that is gratefull to the king for what he 'does' for them.

As for the ghia theory, only time will tell!

Anonymous said...

Gordon in drag makes Susan Boyle look startlingly attractive.