Thursday, August 27, 2009


'Welcome to the Six o'clock news from the BBC'

A selection of headlines from various sites, can you guess which one is from the BBC? You know, the BBC, our 'national' broadcaster and shining example of everything unbiased.

'Gordon Brown's tax credits trap poor in benefit culture'

'The jobless generation. A sixth of homes have nobody in work'

'Tories continue welfare attacks'

'1.9 million kids live in workless home'

I'm sure you guessed correctly. It is, of course, the third headline.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting to the end of my tether with the bastard BBC and the stupid leftie socialist student like crap they continually pump out at our expense.

Everything they do, from children's programmes to the news and everything in-between, has the taint of socialist brain washing. I honestly think the whole organisation is being run by a bunch of brain dead champagne socialist students who only joined the LieBore party to 'annoy Daddy' and every opportunity is taken to promote their left wing fantasy to the great un-washed.

Why is this blatant bias allowed to happen? Why has the BBC, once globally respected and something for Britain to be proud of, allowed itself to be the whore of LieBore. The party propaganda machine that is the 'spin' section of the government has it's tentacles well and truly wrapped around the state broadcaster.

We all know that the rest of the media has it's own particular political alignment. That's fine, that's between them and their viewers/readers. You pays your money and you take your choice. But the BBC is our state broadcaster. We are all forced to pay for it's output. And for it to abuse it's position in such a disgraceful manner is simply staggering.

Just what percentage of the population still trust and believe everything the BBC say? That's the scary thing and the LieBore spin machine and their lap dogs within the BBC know it and abuse it mercilessly to further their own agenda.

It's wrong on so many levels and it needs to stop, now.

Link to the BBC version of the story here.



Quiet_Man said...

I've banged my head off what I perceive as BBC bias a few times. The problem is that they don't see it as bias, they honestly believe they are middle of the ground, neutral, politically and economically.

They really can't see it at all.

captainff said...

You are forgetting of course the balance which is the 7 week run of Top Gear each year .. .. ..

Goodnight Vienna said...

As you say, if we weren't forced to pay for its output it wouldn't matter what they broadcast. I really object to being legally obliged to pay (together with loans and grants from the EU, of course). The BBC have been signed, sealed and delivered and use our own money against us, just like this Labour govt in fact.

Anonymous said...

Throw your TV out, cancel the direct debit and just laugh as the pissy little letters come streaming in.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I don’t care that the BBC is run by a bunch of raving lefties, but I do care that we have to pay for it, whether we watch it or not. It should be privatised, and the TV licence abolished.

Let’s see how long it can last on an equal footing with commercial broadcasters. A week? Two?

Anonymous said...

Brown's Broadcasting Channel. Avoid unless you want a laugh at the latest propaganda from our beloved politically mad government.

There are some signs of Sky News succumbing to Labour pressure, but they have managed to resist to a point.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

We all know that they are the mouthpiece of the gummint. But the great un-washed don't.

And that's the concern.

Anonymous said...

Don't throw your TV out - just refuse to pay the licence fee & don't waste your time watching the oh so unbiased Browns Broadcasting Corporation.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I don't see why I should have to pay a license anyway when I'm giving SKY £65 per month!

Barking Spider said...

I sincerely hope that there will be a huge clearout of the worst Lefty offenders at the BBC next year.

radio scotland twats said...

The only BBC radio programme I used to listen to was the scottish football on Saturday. "Off the Ball", "Jim Traynor" etc.
Even that show is now used to push the Unionist agenda. Slagging off Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and Kenny Macaskill every week while keeping clear of the real fuckwits. Murphy, Reid, Cyclops etc.
Why are they even mentioning politics ? Phone ins on whether Chic Young should be First Minister etc. WTF is that to do with football ?
Institutionalised fucking Scotland hating arseholes.
Threw the radio in the bin today and NEVER listening to the bastards again.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I hope you don't think the bias will end if the tory boys are elected.

The BBC shitheads are like snakes. They'll just shed their old skin and grow a new tory-supporting skin.

I predict that Tory Dave will do absolutely fuck all to change the BBC.

John Demetriou said...

Great piece, fella. Keep up the vibes. The BBC needs nailing.

Grassyknollington said...

Hi Rab

First time commenting here, glad to see you've escaped from Govan and are living a prosperous existence in the fine shire of Ayr.

In relation to your point, the BBC has every hallmark possible relating to a leftist organisation:

1. Paid for by tax;
2. Wasteful, in the extreme;
3. Dogmatic; and
4. Incredibly partisan.

Therefore, we should not be surprised at the BBC’s shortcomings, whether it be when we hear about its excesses, or its ability to omit stories which, if televised, may cause its Labour master a bit of difficulty.

The notion of the BBC, as a taxpayer-funded TV station belongs to an era that has long passed, and the fact they benefit from a protected position, in which they are completely insulted from the forces of the market is completely at odds with what this country should stand for.

It disappoints me to say that it’s unlikely the Tories will take steps to sanction this beast because, although I continue to support them on a “better of two evils” basis, they no longer have the benefit of a “real” Tory presence.

Keep up the good work, and keep an eye on that blood pressure.