Friday, August 21, 2009

Everyone's a winner...

The whole Lockerbie Bomber being released saga has been buzzing around my empty head since yesterday.

I've came to the conclusion that everyone is a winner except the truth and the victims and their families. Let's take a look at the winners,

The Scottish Government -

Winners of taking the moral high ground and being able to play politics with the big boys with the added bonus of saying 'fuck off' to the USA. Winners of being able to say 'we can take tough decisions when it matters and look at the size of my dick'. Even though they done what they were told to do.

The UK Government -

Winners of saying 'nothing to do with us Guv, it's the porridge wogs decision. Scots law and devolved politics and all that'. Then being able to benefit from better trading links with Libya.

British Petroleum -

Winners of being able to proceed with the agreement struck with Libya in 2007 without being pissed around by Libyan bureaucracy.

The US Government -

Winners of blaming the Scottish Government whilst sharing in the outrage of the American people, most of which couldn't pinpoint America on an atlas, never mind Scotland or Libya. Saves them getting their hands dirty in order to share the oil spoils.

The British taxpayer -

Winners of not having to pay for the incarceration of the bomber and his medical care.

The Lockerbie Bomber -

For obvious reasons.

All politicians except the SNP -

Winners of waiting to see what the backlash would be before spouting what most of the country wants to hear.

If you think of any other 'winners' feel free to add them in the comments.



DaveP said...

Tend to agree with you, but Megrahi is also a victim. Please read link below.

You can bet the New York Times will not reproduce it.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

He's only a winner because he was freed, that is all.

Gigits said...

Seriously good stuff, Rab.

Also: "porridge wogs" (PMSL)

Barking Spider said...

I wonder when Megrahi is going to start getting better?!

Joe Public said...

Gorgon, 'cos he did f@ck-all, & has a whole raft of fall-guys if any sh1t does hit the fan.

Mandy, 'cos he got a free-lunch.

Fausty said...

... and winner: Royal family, which undoubtedly helped to negotiate the deal and which undoubtedly has shares in oil companies?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Good post Roberto. I see Prince Andrew has made 3 private visits to Libya. Wonder why, maybe he likes belly-dancing!

Lincoln County said...

(Disclaimer - I'm one of those ignorant Americans.) There's another winner - The American People. When we saw the Scottish flags waving as the murderer was released we were shocked. When we visited your blogs and read a few of your posts - we understood. We now know our enemy and apparently it's Scotland. Not just the scottish government but the scottish people. It's a good thing to know your enemy. You all seem quite pleased with what you've done. And you've even managed to blame US. I may be an ignorant American but I look down on you with disgust and shame knowing that my ancestors were scottish.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Well, Mr Ignorant American.

You seem to have spectacularly missed the point!

I don't think my post can be any clearer but if you wish I can draw pictures.

The Young Oligarch said...

I don't think the Americans are any more thick than we are , Rab . You only have to look out the window to see the feckless stupidity of our own folk .

Then again , you were being being humourous (as well as employing hyperbole . She's a lovely girl , isn't she ?).

Mr. Lincoln County clearly doesn't see the point you're making , but that is because of the amount of emotion stirred up by this stramash .

Everone needs to be careful here . We're friends and allies - English , Scots , Americans .

How can we let the Libyans make us dance to their tune and divide us from each other in this way ?

We are all being manipulated - big time . As you imply , we should direct our anger at those responsible , not at each other .

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Mandelson, Prince "Airmiles" Andy.

Lincoln County - you've missed Rab's point, old boy. He's as bemused, insulted and confused as the rest of us over all this.

But he's a scotch (porridge wog - 'kin hilarious), so it will take him a while to work it out.

Sorry, I forgot - you yanks don't do satire, irony or humour, do you?


Onan the Rotarian said...

Ah, for chrissake Mr Lincoln County, please look up irony in the dictionary. Roughly means saying one thing but meaning/implying the complete opposite, like, you know "Lovely day isn't it?" when it's slashing down with rain. Jeez, and I thought it was the Germans who were supposed to have a sense of humour bypass, but maybe Lincoln County is one of those old German bits of the States. Most of us are just as stunned and revolted by this fix up as you all are, though we've now got used to our politicians being lying, conniving, natcissistic, self-regarding, troughing arseholes (and no, I'm not being ironic here).

Mummy x said...

I can think of another winner. Ronnie Biggs. Told one week he would die in prison and the next, released on compassionate grounds. What a coincidence. Obviously it would be down right rude for me to assume that Biggs was a test case, to see how much the releasing of a convicted criminal on the grounds of terminal illness would fuck off the Great British Public.

Tis just an idea

Indy said...

Mummy x it wouldn't be downright rude of you to assume Ronnie Biggs was a test case, it would simply be wrong.

Dozens of dying prisoners have been released from Scottish jails over the past decade because that is what the law says should happen.

None of them have been famous however so we don't hear about it.