Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moaning bastards!


As part of my duties on the night shift as the 'Duty Night Manager' I need to close and then in the morning re-open the petrol filling station. All it basically means is that I set the alarm and lock up, whilst ensuring the 'closedown' has went okay and in the morning open up, unset the alarm and hand the keys over to the staff and make sure the site is ready for trade. If any shit hits any fan, I need to deal with it until the day managers arrive then they can deal with it because I have a shop to get ready for trade and a deadline to meet, which is non-negotiable.

Whilst closed, numerous vehicles drive onto the forecourt, (we used to cone off the entrance but the cones were stolen), stop at the pumps and try to dispense fuel. The fact that all the shutters are down, pumps are switched off and I am standing there waiting for the alarm to set does not put them off. They wrestle with the pump nozzle as it is locked and then look over at me. I ignore them.

I used to shout over that the petrol station is closed, but years of being ignored or muttered at has taken it's toll. Being informed that it is 'fucking ridiculous' to have the cheek to end trade for the day gets a bit tedious. It doesn't bother me, I just ignore the bastards now.

The point I am driving at, (geddit?), is that it's not my fault that they have been unable to fit in to their hectic day the ability to come for fuel within the 15 hour window of opportunity that exists every day. I'm a big boy, I can handle it. As I have said, it doesn't bother me.

What does bother me though is the abuse the girls behind the counter are getting because the price of petrol and diesel is creeping up again. They are getting sworn at regularly and the usual 'horses arse' brigade complain loudly with the inevitable conclusion that they are going to 'write to head office'. Feel free you morons, write away if it makes you feel any better.

What's it going to be like when the price jumps up due to the rise in duty? Predictions for £1.20 per litre by Christmas are doing the rounds.

Instead of directing anger at the employees, they should be getting mad at the 646 bastards who allowed this to happen. Perhaps I will make a sign to put on the counter.

It's not our fault the price has jumped up.
Don't get mad at us, get mad at them.
They think you are a cunt.

Have a nice day, please call again.


Anonymous said...

The fuel pumps at my Asda filling station only take credit cards and are open 24hrs. There are no staff anywhere so I'm not sure what happens if the card gets eaten or the fuel doesn't come out.
That will probably be what happens with the rest of the filling stations soon. So you shouldn't get abuse in the future !

microdave said...

You might have to remove the word "Cunt", but otherwise an excellent idea...

Oldrightie said...

Soon be too expensive for anybody not in Jimmy Snot or Fondelittleboys'bums circle.

captainff said...

Don't forget the Jan 1st 2.5% VAT increase .. .. .. ..

Dr Evadne said...

Yes. The numpties should be writing to their elected representatives or giving them shite in the press. Besides if your gals do get any more grief from the the half wits, point them in the direction of Stornoway or anywhere in Na h'Eileanan Iar. Here diesel was 114.99 (at best) last time I looked. The local oil barons up here are rubbing their hands together at the thought of shoving another 50p/ltr on the price come the end of the year. I don't think I have ever seen diesel at 106 up here.

Captain Ranty said...

I just paid £1.09 per litre. It hurts me to know that Twatty Darling will scoop up 87p for each of the fifty litres I bought.

I worked in Algeria for a few years. The price of petrol never changed. It was 7p a litre when I got there and it was 7p a litre when I left. Water is 8p a litre.

In Qatar, I filled up my hire car and offered a 20 rial note to the filling station guy. He couldn't change the note and said "pay me next time". Full tank for fuck all. (I got a mate to swing by with the money, before you call me a grippy fucker).

Petrol is cheap in countries that produce it.

Apart from in the UK.


subrosa said...

So it was you giving me the glassy stare the other night Rab!

This happens in my local supermarket petrol station too. Just can't believe how stupid people are really.

Yesterday they put a board out saying 'no diesel' and folk still had to jam up the area by going into the kiosk to ask why.

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

What really yanks my chain is the huge difference in prices. The wee petrol station next to me, an independent, charges about £1.09 a litre. Down the road the big station charges £1.01.9. Over 7p a litre difference, nearly 32p a gallon. Now I'll always support an independent where I can and I try to fill up there at least once a week but to be honest, if I didn't have a fuel card I doubt that I would. I bet we wouldn't see such blatant gouging if they were forced to display prices in gallons.

Then there's the motorway service stations. Consistently 10p a litre dearer they then proceed to rip you off when you get inside. Fags & cigars can cost about a £1 more than in normal shops. A paper cup of hot brown water costs £2.50.

While I'm ranting - petrol stations are for selling petrol. Diesel too, oil is good. Air & water should be provided. At the counter, maybe they should have mints or gum on the counter - but that should be it. I am fucking hacked off at queuing to pay for fuel and being stuck behind some Mrs McGinty who's got a basket, a fuckin' BASKET of shite. Who the **** goes to a service station miles from anywhere at two in the afternoon to buy catfood, beans, soap powder and sugar?? I mean wtf???

microdave said...

I've got two Shell garages near me, one is company owned and staffed by an assortment of "Ethnics", the other is privately owned/operated by a local couple. The second one is normally 3-4 pence/litre dearer because Shell charge him more....

I also heard the other day that the company owned one has been involved in a card "skimming" fraud.

So I have the choice of supporting the local guy and paying for the privilege, or risking my card being cleaned out!

Pogo said...

Microdave... You could always pay cash.

Constantly Furious said...

www.petrolprices.com is your friend..