Monday, August 17, 2009

Just what is going on?

Hmm, must think of evil plan...

It appears that Lord Fondlebum, supreme ruler of UKplc had spoken to General Gaddafi's son whilst on holiday as a guest of the Rothschild family.

Fast forward a week or so and the media is full of stories about the probable release of the Lockerbie bomber.

He apparently spoke briefly about the Lockerbie bomber's possible release from jail and the timing of the conversation is just a 'coincidence'.

Yeah, my big fat hairy arse it is.

Who the fucking hell does this bastard think he is?

Interestingly, it seems only the Biased Broadcasting Corporation are running the story, why? A quick scan of other sites show no sign of the story. (I had a quick look at Sky, Daily Mail and the Telegraph).

I smell a rat.


Barking Spider said...

This is just like the legislation he's having drawn up for a clampdown on downloading, instigated only a few hours after meeting with David Geffen. I smell large backhanders or favours in kind!

Anonymous said...

Yes Spider, the clampdown on filesharer's is amusing. A business secretary who will destroy business.

Go on, Mandy, do it. You understand as much about technology as you do democracy. Go ahead, penalise millions who will abandon their ISPs in protest, seeking business elsewhere. Go ahead and bankrupt ISPs when they are dumped by millions, no tax for your controverisal loans at the public's expense. Go ahead and make the TOR network more fashionable for the pirate, amongst other emerging ways to ensure anonymity and privacy.

Go ahead and kill the businesses you are meant to help. But you won't catch the pirates, just make millions of your electorate mad with rage at you, Lord Mandy. And they won't be handing over any more subs to the ISPs, because you will have destroyed them and the trust placed in the consumer to act as a conduit for the net.

As for Ghadaffi's son... what a sell out. Do Labour have any values left, other than to appease foreign powers no matter how much fellatio they have to give but never get any in return?

Dark Lochnagar said...

The whole affair stinks to high heaven Rab. Rank hypocrasy of the worst kind.

Henry North London said...

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail's Littlejohn column has a good article about the gayLord.

O/T but Reuters have a good article about Afghanistan.
We actually pay the Taliban to blow up our troops. They get 30% of all reconstruction project costs if they promise to allow reconstruction.
ie Don't bomb the workers or their construction lorries.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope for a long, painful & terminal disease to strike - soon. Cunt!