Tuesday, August 25, 2009

EU membership subs increase by 60%


From next year the cost of the UK's contribution to the EU is to increase by 60% to £6.4 billion.

That's £6,400,000,000. Or £240 per household, every household including the non tax paying households.

But what really gets me is the quote from the treasury -

The Treasury said it was right for the UK "to share the burden of membership with new accession countries".
I beg to differ. As Snowolf correctly points out,

I don't know who the Perm. Sec. at the Treasury is, but I'm betting he's a member of a golf club. Does this mean that if I join his club he'll stand my membership fees? He should also be aware that I have no interest in the rules of golf and no intention of abiding by those rules and will just spend all day poncing drinks off the other members whilst moaning about how terrible things were for me twenty years ago.

In typical Socialist fashion, rather than trying to 'raise the bar' in those 'poorer' countries and encourage them to get themselves up there to the top table, the law of averages is applied and the top standard is diluted and those at the top now find themselves punished for no good reason.



Pavlov's Cat said...

So the Perm. Sec. at the Treasury actually admits that the EU is a burden on it's members.

the burden of membership

Something everyone else has known for far too long.

I wonder why the MSM has not picked up on this phrase?

Dark Lochnagar said...

£240 per household. Fucking ridiculous. Makes me glad I'm on benefits.

DaveP said...

Didn't Bliar agree to paying more because of a promise to reform the CAP? Of course this never happened... But wait.. Tone now wants to be first President of Euroland Golf Club. We have stood the cunt's membership fee.

Fuck, I can't get the image of that bastards Colgate smile out of my head now. Arrrrrgh!

Fausty said...

The idea is to lure countries into the union by offering them inducements (e.g., Ireland).

Once they're committed, offer those inducements to new counties.

Fuck the members (unless they happen to be France or Germany).

Why are countries so unable to see this?

CrazyDaisy said...

I read that 5 years ago it was only roughly £50 per household, my how Labour has fucked thing up.


The Economic Voice said...

You all love it really!!!!

Who wouldn't want to pay to have your rights taken away by people from other countries who haven't heard of your hometown......

Libertarian all the way!!!!

Barking Spider said...

I can just picture Jacques Chirac wiping away the tears of laughter when Bliar had gone, the useless twat!

John Demetriou said...

Fucking ace stuff, Rab. Seriously, keep up the crackin' work.



Pogo said...

@Dark Lochnagar "£240 per household. Fucking ridiculous. Makes me glad I'm on benefits."

You cunt! That means I have to fucking pay £480!! :-)

Tomek said...

Fully understand you fury, Rab.
I am sceptical about many issues concerning EU.
But lets leave the money behind for a while.
The problem is: UK rulers were used to divide Europe via money and diplomacy and nowadays they can not cope with kind of rebirth of Carolingan empire.
Whenever UK contribution comes up while talking to my English friends I ask them:
Did you build railways in India in 19th century to please Indians or to exploit their resources?
The same applies to roads being built in Poland, partly with EU funds.

Anonymous said...

I'm going onto benefits until the Labour Party are gone. I can't fight this bullshit anymore!