Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OUR money kills OUR soldiers.

'We must thank the British tax payer for our shiny new rocket launchers, Abdul'

Yes, you read it correctly. Money that is pumped into Afghanistan as 'aid' in order to rebuild the country is skimmed off and ends up in the grubby paws of the Taliban who use the money to kill our soldiers.

What a completely insane world we live in.

Here's an idea. Give Afghanistan nothing. Zero. Fuck all.

Bring our soldiers home. Let the Afghanis get on with it themselves.

Drug problem? Destroy the poppy fields.

Terrorist problem? A few daisycutters directed at the appropriate caves.

Threat to British Armed Forces? Zero.



Barking Spider said...

In total agreement, Rab, their treachery is despicable.

Dazed and Confused said...

Can I add One Final Ignominy to this outrage, and then I'll begin.....

I've lost the ability to make any sense of this anymore. The one eyed coward sends out OUR brave troops to and Islamic toilet Nation to fight for something New Labour utterly despise...I.E. Freedom....
He employs the Countries biggest moron (other than himself) to run the show, at the same time as skimping on decent equipment, thus demoralising the troops who haven't got a clue who they're fighting for in the first place, as New Labour condemn the very concept of violence itself.

He then happily gives the British public's taxes to Kabul, knowing fine well that a percentage of that money will go to arm the Taliban, who will then kill the very troops that he under funds himself.

And now on arrival home our own dead soldiers are being mocked and derided by Islamic filth, pouring scorn on their very memories with utter contempt.

Finally, if British people themselves protest, they're met with a hail of obscenities by the Fascist Far Left, who are once again adequately funded, by the good old British tax payer, via New Labour scum.

This is beyond madness, Gordon Brown is an absolute disaster, not waiting to happen, but happening right now!

Enough already!

Ruth said...

Thoroughly agree with you Rab!

Anonymous said...

Blair and Brown should be tried for High Treason:-

Uncontrolled immigration
Tampering with the treason act
Mismanagement of Public Funds
Failure to order a referendum over europe.