Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gorgon the volunteer

"I volunteer to pilot the economy into a huge mountain"

According to Pravda the Prime Mentalist is to do 'voluntary work' for a week during his month long summer holiday.

I would be interested in any suggestions you may have for his week...


CryBaby said...

Process of elimination:-

He should steer clear of giving advice, helpdesks and admin stuff, oh and decision making.

Also, using his initiative is a big no-no!

Nothing that requires people skills as well.

Maybe manual labour that doesn't require any co-ordinating or multi-tasking. (so sorting post or filing is out of the question)

Sorry, can't think of anything at all.

uses for gorgon said...

He could be used as an aircraft chock in Afghanistan.
Or he could spend the week washing Mandy's bum after he's had a a bit of rum pum pum.

captainff said...

Crash test dummy for the G-Wiz?

Fausty said...

Go shopping for pensioners on a fixed income and return with change (non-taxable).

TheBigYin said...

Cleaning the streets outside pubs of tab ends for a week then he may realise what an oober kunt he was for allowing the smoking ban experiment to become law.

On second thoughts the fucker would just ban smoking outside...every fucking where.

Fidothedog said...

I can think of a Swiss clinic that has a new procedure they need someone to test out.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, he'd do well as an experimental subject at Dignatas.

Or how about gravedigging? Preferably his own.

I just hope neither the other volunteers nor the subjects of his volunteering (heaven help them) catch anything unpleasant from the germs on his mucus sodden fingers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to put this in my earlier comment. What is it with Brown's head & body? Is it just me (perhaps I'm just viewing the 'inner man') but he alway looks misshapen to me as though his head & face are too big for his body. Maybe I just need to go to Specsavers.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

He could spend a week as a bonnet mascot, on a crap Land-Rover in Helmand.

If the sun didn't get him, a sniper would. Theirs or ours, I'm not fussed.

The cunt.

Joe Public said...

As this is supposed not to be a Publicity Stunt, presumably has (& paid for out of his own pocket) suitable CRB documentation in case he works near children, the aged, or vulnerable?

AngryDave said...

He could come and work with me and see what a farce his government has turned the prison system into.
I am sure the lads would love to meet him.