Sunday, August 2, 2009

'Secret' Labour council tax plan

'I had to get the council tax bill reduced somehow...'

Apparently 'officials' have secretly assessed millions of homes for desirable features such as off street parking and nice views. This information will be used to re-calculate council tax bills AFTER the General Election.

So, you work hard and buy a house. You spend a bit off cash and lay a patio, put in a driveway and you have a nice view of the hills or whatever. Fuck you, kerching!

So, your surroundings determine the council tax you pay. Good news for me I suppose, it must mean that I am due for a rebate...

What's next, the re-introduction of the window tax?


microdave said...

That picture has just given me an idea....

Unbelievably, some of the sardine can houses on the estate that now destroys our "View" have imitation fibreglass chimney pots!!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! My dirty little hovel looks out onto the castle walls of the Hoon Jock McBroon of Troosersdoon.

Yon McBroon's window looks out onto my sqalid little pigsty.

Therefore, I should pay more Council Tax and the rich fucker (beggin' yer pardon, Your Nobship) should be paying less?

Is that how it works?

Mark Wadsworth said...

You can rant as much as you like on this one, but both you and they are missing three basic points:

1. There is no need for this sort of micro-assessment. Plot sizes and selling prices are recorded by HM Land Registry, so all they need to do is crunch the numbers to work out how much which houses are worth.

2. There is no point trying to tax physical improvements, as it discourages people looking after their homes. It is far better to tax overall averages, because as a general rule, if your neighbours look after their homes, this tends to increase the value of yours, even if yours is run down.

3. Council tenants shouldn't pay separate rent + council tax, they ought to roll the two into a single gross figure and have done with it.