Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blah Blah, health reasons Blah Blah, family Oink Oink

Punch my face 'till you break your wrist,
you know you want to

Another troughing bastard announces that he is 'standing down' at the election. Apparently his health has suffered and his family are suffering.

Are they expecting sympathy? How many have said they are standing down due to health and family reasons? Worrying about the health of their bank accounts more like.

Who the fuckity fuck do they think they are kidding.



big nose said...

Heck, even his face looks like he was born to trough.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

That's a flattering picture. On the telly earlier he looked like he had more chins than a chinese phone book, the fat fuck.

Anonymous said...

Never mind his 'health' I hope Plod will be knocking on his door soon. Definitely the man who put the 'c***' into 'Scunthorpe'. Did you see his supporters? Just back from their bit parts in 'Deliverence' by the look of them. I'm sure I could hear 'Duelling Banjos' in the background as he said his piece.

Fidothedog said...

Local paper covered irate voters:

Only a few weeks ago, MP's were talking about how they had to save the local papers.

Bet they wish they had shut the fuck up now.

Anonymous said...

I guess, like all the other fuckers that are standing down, he'll be picking up this little lot then as a sign of our gratitude for a job well done:

£64,766 in salary
£20,077 pension contribution
£144,176 expenses (most recent annual average)
£64,766 resettlement grant
£40,799 winding up allowance.

Give me fucking strength!

Anonymous said...

No different from MEPS and their wives

Stephen Hughes and his 'researcher' Cindi Beaver aka Cindi Hughes, his Wife who is also a Darlington Councillor and Cabinet member

Trousering far more than MPS.

Why not ask them?