Thursday, May 28, 2009

Circle the wagons, the Righteous have surrounded us

A few weeks ago I was told by my boss that I have to go on a training course. Nothing new there, having been on numerous courses of the many years of my employment I expected the usual nonsense, staff appraisal techniques, health and safety or similar.

But no.

Imagine my surprise/shock/horror when I found out that the course that I simply must attend is a course entitled Equality and Diversity.

I have been nominated for 're-education'.

It seems that the Righteous have infected the company I work for. A company that is well known for a no nonsense and simplistic approach to it's business which has made it very successful household name. All managers must attend the brain washing course. Failure or objection will mean an end to any career advancement prospects. So the righteous mantra of 'comply or else' applies.

So, my employer has labelled me as a racist, sexist homophobe, amongst other 'ists' and 'phobes' and I must be cleansed.

The Righteous are all around us, in every part our lives from work to leisure, in our homes via the television and radio. The 're-education' of the general populace is un-relentless. Some of the mind control techniques are obvious, but most are not.

In every town and city in the land, there are sections of society who have not worked for a generation or more, in some cases three generations of the same family have not earned a wage. They receive everything they require from the Righteous. Food, clothing. Everything. They dance, unwittingly, to the tune played by the piper. They are told what to do and when to do it. When they fall foul of the rules they are punished, just to remind them of who is in charge. Got an appointment at the Job Centre? If you are one minute late you are punished, go away and make another appointment. Comply comply comply. An easy target.

Our local authorities are riddled with them. Armed with ridiculous rules and regulations their aim is to ensure obedience and compliance from the people they are supposed to serve. I dare you to put your wheelie bin out too early, or overfilled. Don't even think about putting anything that can be re-cycled into your general rubbish bin. You will feel the wrath of the Righteous. They employ our children as snoopers, encouraging them to report everything they see to them. They spend our money on their pet righteous projects, rather than fixing the holes in the road. We can only buy alcohol or cigarettes from approved outlets, the proprietors of the outlets having passed the demands made on them before they are allowed to make a living. So infected are local authorities, so brain washed by the righteous thought process, they are filled with non jobs. Jobs which have nothing to do with running a county or district, but have everything to do with controlling the thoughts and actions of the people.

Our television channels are filled with righteous messages, dressed up as entertainment or educational programmes, sandwiched between the mind numbing tedium of fly on the wall documentaries or talent shows. Push the message to the masses, but give them something else to talk about the next day, don't let them think too much. Who else but the Righteous would allow soap operas to promote homosexual relationships on tea time TV as a lifestyle choice? Why are all villians on TV white heterosexual men?

Our prisons are filled to bursting point but instead of building more, the call is for more 're-habilitation and re-education'. Righteous style. A parole board will easily allow early release if the prisoner shows he has responded to the re-education dished out by the Righteous that control the justice system in this country. Crimes against the state are dealt with more harshly than crimes against individuals. Why else would a mugger get two years for beating a pensioner to near death for her pension whilst a tax evader will get five or more years? A crime against the state is seen as a crime against the Righteous.

Our public services are third rate. Go to the doctor's surgery and sit and wait until you are called, even though your allotted appointment time passed by over half an hour ago. Yet another example of controlling the masses. We quietly grumble to ourselves but accept it as a fact of life. They get off on the power they have.

The victim mentality that this country suffers from is a direct result of the Righteous agenda. Common criminals are labelled 'victims of their circumstances' rather than crooks. Excuses are made for them and responsibility removed from them. Re-education follows.

Everyone is a winner, they cry. Sports day at school is not about actually winning or being good at something, it's all about taking part. The fat lazy kid gets the same plaudits as the fastest sprinter in the class. Any child at school who displays any talent for being a winner quickly realises that there is no reward for it. Comply and blend in with the rest. Schools will not encourage and assist, the Righteous will not allow it.

I could go on and on, but I would lose the will to live. I will not, however, lose the will to fight back against them.

How dare they label me.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of recording some of the bullshit they spout on your course? It would be interesting to watch. How about playing up to the cunts and getting them into "puritan overdrive" with their fucking preaching.

Harri said...

Rab, Its all gone tits up has it not in blighty, the only useless advice i can give is the safest place to stand is where the righteous are actualy aiming.

The worst diversity course i ever had the bastard displeasure to be forced on , was some twat with a beard entered the room where twelve engineers sat and produced an empty washing up liquid bottle , placed it in front of us and asked us to think of as many usefull uses it could be used for, then we can only assume that he fucked off to the pub for an hour and left us to it, so we wrote down use it for fucking washing up liquid ! and fucked off down the pub as well... apparently we all passed and he walked off with 5 grand? i shit you not , to this day i am still fucking baffled!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

It seems that I must attend the dreaded course. But I will try my best to be a complete arse when there.

microdave said...

Watch out for any mention of Common Purpose - their brainwashing techniques are well know for causing mental health problems. If you attend, and then object to the content of the course I suppose you will still be labelled a troublemaker?

Good luck anyway...

Harri said...

Rab, just sit there with your head in your hands and weep... they will get the message.

Fidothedog said...

Many years ago we had a "diversity training session" and this evidently gay chap was talking about tolerance for gays etc.

On go's the video showing some actors picking on the gay character.

Usual pc bullshit brainwashing.

When the film ended the chap doing the session asked if we had learned anything.

A co-worker of mine quick as flash said "Yeah best not take it up the arse."

We fell about laughing an he ended up suspended for a week.

Still makes me laugh now.

Sue said...

I must admit, I'd be like you. I'd go and just take the piss out of everything. There is always an argument to be had with the "Righteous". They are so conditioned themselves, they have lost the ability for reasoned discussion..

Go on, I dare you to be thoroughly obtuse!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Sue, I will make the day a misery for the person tasked with cleansing my mind! :-)

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Rab, ask them if all darkies are predisposed to crime from birth.

Joe Public said...

Equality + Diversity = Mutual Exclusivity.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Rab, use the Remittance Man defence - highlight your non-chauvi and non-racist credentials by telling the course instructor that you sometimes enjoy watching pornos with African women or Asian lady-boys.

Damo Mackerel said...

I had to do one of these courses last year. We were shown a video with kids and the school teacher divided them into two groups based on their eye colour. Kids with blue eyes ruled for the day, while kids with brown eyes called the shoots the next day. If anything it was a laugh. Afterwards we had to answer questions which were ridiculous. But what I found interesting is that the righteous hosting the course took it very very serioulsy as if hosting the course would somehow save The World from itself.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Mark, I may just bring in my DVD collection to prove the point!

Shibby said...

Take a hidden recorder.

For the greater good.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the train(wreck)ing course, don't forget to ask, "Now do I get my nigger licence back?"

Anonymous said...

At the end of the train(wreck)ing course, don't forget to ask, "Now do I get my nigger licence back?"