Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goodbye, fill your pockets on the way out.

Ben Chapman: £36,269
Derek Conway: £64,766
Christopher Fraser: £32,383
Douglas Hogg: £59,585
Julie Kirkbride: £32,383
Andrew MacKay: £64,766
Ian McCartney: £64,766
Margaret Moran: £54, 403
Anthony Steen: £32,383
Peter Viggers: £32,383
Ann Winterton: £38, 860
Nicholas Winterton: £32,383

The above list of soon to be ex MPs, (not soon enough though), have next to their name the estimated 'pay off' they will receive when they leave office.

This is to help them 'adjust' to the real world. MPs only receive this payment if the step down during a general election. If they quit and force a by election they get bugger all.

So the bastards cling on to the bitter end to ensure they get their golden handshake.

Honourable members indeed.


Gigits said...

They shouldn't get a penny. Not one single penny!

TheBigYin said...

What the fuck??? how much more can the british public take, the immoral fuckers!