Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You're not welcome!

A list has been published of people who have been barred from entry into the UK in the six months leading up to March this year. Apparently, the UK has been able to ban those who engage in terrorism, serious criminal activity or 'promote hatred'.

Now, the first two categories I can understand. We don't want terrorists or criminals, we have enough of our own born and bred here. It's the last category I am uneasy with. What is 'promoting hatred'?

When I heard the phrase, the site of some mad mullah with a hook for a hand preaching death to all came into my mind. If that is what is meant by 'promoting hatred' then maybe I could understand why they would not be welcome. But no.

It appears to be a 'catch all' phrase used to keep out those who have had the audacity to exercise their right to free speech in their own homeland. They have not broken any law, so why should they be barred from Britain? Even the Muslim Council for Britain asks the very same question.

Looking at the list there are, of course, some very unpleasant people. Some of their views may be offensive and controversial but this should not bar them from entering our country. It seems to me that our glorious leaders are so desperate to control the minds of us poor citizens that desperate measures are being used in order that we are not guilty of any thought crimes.

If any of the 'thought crime' list wish to visit our green and pleasant land, they first have to prove that they will not "stir up tension" upon arrival. A clause called "presumption in favour of exclusion" is the catch all phrase. As I mentioned earlier, these people have not been convicted of any crime in their home country so why should their outspoken views prevent them from entry to the UK?

Full story here.

UPDATE - The Daily Mash has an article here


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


"Scottish Government moves to stop prisoner human rights claims."

"Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill will ask a Holyrood committee to approve fast-track legislation"

"more than 3,7000 claims have so far been settled at a cost of more than £11 million, "

so obviously the snp Government has been found Guilty of abusing Scots peoples Human rights.

Yeah! rab your Human Rights will be safe with snp

AngryDave said...

The reality of it is that the government are trying to stop people who think for themselves getting into the uk, incase they wake up the population, and we all start doing it.

Anonymous said...

I thought geert wilders was banned from entering Britain? He wasnt on the official list...

Neither was Osama bin laden for that matter!

Chalcedon said...

The Mash was right about that bloody BT couple.

subrosa said...

Niko you're talking crap. England has had this as law for a few years and you know it. Stop knocking the SNP and think about what kind of Scotland you want to live in. I certainly don't want one like it is now with folk in despair, even more than ever, but they still vote labour because they can't think wider.

subrosa said...

Ooops Rab, it's OK, Niko and myself are pals, aren't we Niko?

Anonymous said...

It's the NuLabour way 'Guilty until proven innocent'.