Monday, May 11, 2009

La La Land.

"Christ, I can barely lift this bag of lovely cash"

Margaret Moran is still spouting that all her claims were necessary. She needed tax payer's cash to fund her south coast home because "her husband worked there" and that "family life was essential to her job as a politician".

The brass neckery of this woman is breathtaking.

The bleating continues. One of the biggest concerns in all this, in my opinion, is the fact that all of the troughing pigs caught with their sticky fingers in the tax payers cookie jar just don't understand why people think it is wrong.

If you're up to no good, fiddling the books or whatever, and get caught you know that you deserve your punishment. You KNOW that you were 'at it'.

The shower of shit in Westminster don't understand why we are furious. As far as they are concerned it was all "within the rules" etc etc.

Time for a huge big reality check for the 646 and their pals in the Lords.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

The tide is turning!

Can I shamelessly plug my own campaign on this issue - GROT (Get Rid Of Troughers)

Screech said...

trouble is, this shower of shit have been at it for so long now, they know no other fucking way, it's only recently that they are having a rude awakening.

Gigits said...

They ALL must hang. But, Moran should be hanged and then boiled in oil.

Old Bag said...

i know. its because the poor dears didnt understand the "green book" (obviously because it wasnt written in chunky crayon) mabe a sock puppet demonstration may make things clearer to them...