Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The curse strikes again

According to Guido, Jonah Brown visited Sellafield on the 23rd January this year. On the very same day, the site had a radioactive leak, a level 2 leak (whatever that is). Going on his past form for putting a hex on everything he wishes well, I really really hope he sends his best wishes to Celtic and their defence of the league championship!


Rabfor Speaker said...

His mate Jim Murphy supports Ceptic so he wouldnae dae that !

Gigits said...

Why on earth did they let him into a place like that with his track record? It's a wonder it didn't go China Syndrome.

The Cyclops is already like some deformed, radioactive beast, so he wouldn't be affected.

Old Bag said...

well, all the best superheroes were infected by some form of radioactive shit, so if gordoom suddenley develops superpowers and....ahhh fuck it, it'll never happen.