Friday, May 15, 2009

Total rubbish!

I used to think that the wheelie bin nazi was a south of Hadrian's wall phenomenon. The horror stories of the jumped up bastards who are supposed to serve us turning into power crazed nazi-esque thugs are all too common.

Unfortunately, it seems that the never ending march of council officialdom has goose stepped its way over the border into Jockland.

In Dumfries the local council, (or Bastards as I like to refer to the council), has started a new 'initiative' for the collection of household rubbish.

Everyone has a wheelie bin as is the norm, however strict rules have been circulated to all households regarding the use of the bins. Bin lids must be fully closed of your bin will not be emptied. Any bags placed to the side of the bin will be lifted, however the bags must be the ones provided by the council at a cost of 50p each! If you have the audacity to leave out an un-approved bag, you get a love letter from the bin man stuck onto it explaining the reason for the bag being left. Cheeky bastards!

It's about time all the power mad loons that 'run' our councils got a severe reality check. Who the fuck pays their wages!

It's bang out of order. It's not as if we can pick and choose who deals with our household rubbish so the bastards have us by the nuts. Time for a change, throw it open to the private sector and let them compete for our custom.

Anyone who complains to the council gets the sadly predictable reply that the new initiative has been started in order for the council to meet its re-cycling targets. Complete bollocks.


microdave said...

Down here we have alternate weekly collections, plus we have to pay £30 per year for a garden waste bin if we want it. The local council contracts the collection service out to Veolia, who like putting clever adverts in the paper, but can't, apparently, get their crews to put the bins back where they found them. Instead they usually get left halfway across the pavement, causing obstructions.

Other councils will hit householders with a fine if they leave their bins like this!

Joe Public said...

Fill your Wheelie to within 1" of the top with concrete.

Then complain when they don't empty it.

[It's "within the rules" as your MP would say.]

Gigits said...

We've got so many degenerates in my city that the bin men will take absolutely anything you leave out.

The council knows that if they try to impose rules on rubbish collection, the thick scum (mostly immigrants - only some of them legal) would just ignore them.

In a way it is a garbage utopia for everybody.

Old Bag said...

so the bin nazis have reached you..i knew it wouldnt be long!..what the fuck is with the approved bin bags?..utter cockwaffle!..who gives a shit if the bags dont have the councils logo on the side?..whos going to see it?..its going into landfill for fucks sake!,,and if the bin nazis dont collect your crap because the lid aint shut, take the bin down to the local council house and empty it in the lobby.
isnt it fucking amazing how all these councils trot out the same bullshit "recycling quota" line whenever anyone questions' they're regime?..why dont they all just fuck off?

Top tips said...

Using a hoover suck the air out of your bin bags before sealing them with sticky back plastic and putting them in the wheelie bin . Before putting your wheelie bin out for collection burst all the bags inside with a knife. The air rushes back in and it's a twat for them to get the rubbish out the bins when they tip it into the scaffie wagon. Funny as fuck to watch.

Gigits said...

Top tips. That is, quite simply, fucking brilliant!

TheBigYin said...

This cuntry's going to hell in a handcart and all yous can natter about is effing wheelie bins? Oh wait a minute, I live in a block of flats and my shit goes into an Iceland bag and put down the schute, end of. (Oh fuck, I'm in danger of turning into smug cunt...maybe I could run as a local councilor under the name of "fuck you Jack, I'm alright!")

Right, off to check how much expenses a councilor can claim.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Your right big yin, the country is fucked. My post just shows that its fucked at all levels!

Chalcedon said...

It's the EU landfill tax directive. Holland and Belgium ran out of landfill space. We haven't. But sod us, this tax directive was the result. That is what is prompting this government to make these councils comply. There is no real reason for fortnightly collections whatsoever. These BASTARDS are supposed to be your/our public servants, not your/our masters.