Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wanted an X box anyway...

My mates used to call me 'shagger'

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to find out that little Alfie is not the father of the lovely Chantele's baby. In this case, the cliche of 'a big boy did it and ran away' appears to be true.

The father is a fifteen year old boy called Tyler, who was fourteen at the time of banging Chantele. He apparently lost his virginity to her after spending the evening drinking with her at the family home. Chantele's delightful mother knew he was going to have sex with her, according to Tyler. It was par for the course for lads to spend the night in her bed.

Of course, this is so wrong on so many levels. I'm sure the righteous have spent many an hour wailing and gnashing their teeth in empathy for the little victims in all this. They are the result of a Broken Britain, born into a situation that gives them no hope and aspirations etc etc etc.


The only victims are you and I, the tax payer.

The solution is simple. Do not give them money. Do not give them a free house. Do not give them anything. Let them look after themselves, within their families.

If the supply of free cash dried up overnight, you can bet that 'family planning' will suddenly shoot to the top of the agenda for the likes of Chantele and her fellow young slags.

As for the hand wringers well listen to this, I do not know Chantele. She is not part of my family. She has contributed nothing to society. The 'system' has not let her down, her mother has. Stop making me pay for the likes of her.


subrosa said...

My thoughts exactly Rab but you'll get folks saying 'what about the children?', wait and see!

microdave said...

What about the children indeed? They might have to quickly learn something about the real world, you know the one that the rest of us live in, and pay for!

Anonymous said...

'A big boy did it and ran away' - class Rab, the best comment I've seen so far!

Wish I'd thought of it.

DaveP said...

The country is full of shit like Chantele and family, and has been for many years now. A lot of them believe it is their God given right to be kept by hard working tax payers.

I remember having to call on a young woman in the early nineties who owed my employer a lot of dosh. She was really offended that I had come to ask for payment. Her response was.. and this is true.. Do you know what I am? I am a single mother of 2. The country needs people like me. I cannot and will not pay. I disliked the bitch that much for this outburst I told her she should learn to keep her fucking legs crossed. The shit really hit the fan then. Happy memories.

AngryDave said...

The trouble is that each one of these scumbags go on to have droves of offspring just like them. Then each one of those goes on and has several offspring.
All the while the rest of us have to choose between starting a family or both staying in work to pay the mortgage, and the taxes to support these lazy bastards.

There are 16 year olds on my wing with 3 kids. Their siblings and parents are often in jail also.
What hope is there for the rest of the country, we cant beat these kind of odds.

Old Bag said...

indeed, angry dave. that sluts' daughter will grow up to be secondhand dartboard by the time she is 14. am i the only one who fucking resents going to work to keep the village bike in nappies and baby rice?..she is a skank chav and i resent paying for her fumble..cunt.

Anonymous said...

What happens usually is that the mother says she doesn't know who the father is or the state will pursue albeit slowly for the money to help fund the mini chicken kievs from Netto for 18 years. So the taxpayer picks up the bill I suggest not a penny till her amnesia improves certainly not a house or a flat. I do understand that the first kid is generally a mistake but with universal and free family planning still no excuse but the second and third are career moves. Look well don't you think ask me for a quote and I say well normally it would be £500 but as I have 8 kids (I don't by the way) it got to be £650 wouldn't last 5 minutes.

Chalcedon said...

You are spot on. These chavs are not victims. they are the products of a broken home and feckless parenting. If the family/families had to pay for the baby and keep their own brat with no benefits of any kind, teenage pregnancies would fall away.

AngryDave said...

I have heard that Sweden has a system whereby there are no state benefits for teenage mothers and the family are totaly responsible for financing the baby.
Can anyone confirm this?