Friday, May 29, 2009

More 'low wage/poverty' bullshit

In the news today, more bullshit about child poverty and low wages.

The STUC have called on the Scottish Government to ensure that all public sector employees receive a 'living wage'. Glasgow city council already pay all their directly employed staff at least £7 an hour, which is £1.27 an hour higher than the minimum wage.

The BBC have tied this story up with a report from the Joseph Rowntree Trust that the Scottish Government will miss it's target of eliminating child poverty totally by 202o.

The obvious question to ask is why the taxpayer should be squeezed even more to pay the increased wage bill if the demands of the STUC are met. I'm sure all staff could get at least £7 an hour provided efficiency savings are met within the public sector as a whole, with no added burden to the taxpayer. We all know that huge parts of the sector are over staffed and chronically inefficient.

A two tier 'minimum wage' system will only create tension and bitterness between the public and private sector employees. Why should a worker employed by a retailer, for instance, get paid the statutory minimum wage only for his/her hard earned cash to be plundered to pay a council employee at least £7 per hour? It's just not right. Perhaps the idiots that spout such nonsense need to think before making ridiculous demands.

And anyway, haven't they heard of tax credits?

People should be paid what they are worth. End of.

As for 'child poverty', I'm struggling to understand what child poverty actually is in this country. I've never seen a child with rickets. Nor a malnourished child. Perhaps child poverty is not ensuring your child has the latest playstation game. There are, sadly, neglected children but I don't think child neglect is the same as child poverty.


Shibby said...

"nane o yir pish noo!"

Where abouts in Scotland are you from?

Dumfries here.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Kilmarnock. The wife is from Dumfries.

microdave said...

"Perhaps child poverty is not ensuring your child has the latest playstation game."

I think you're pretty close to the truth with that statement.

Shibby said...


Also, agreed with microdave. I doubt there is much in the way of child "poverty" in Scotland when children who are not properly looked after can be taken away, or off the street.
Although as Rab says, there is definitely a bad case of neglect (although I suppose any is bad, so I could say that in almost any situation).

You are also right about the public sector, Rab.

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul."
~ George Bernard Shaw

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

On a hustings with some socialists last night. They were OUTRAGED that 25% of public sectors earn less than £20,000 a year. That means 75% earn more than £20k then. I'm on £20k. Should I be outraged? Ok, I get bonuses, but only if I get off my arse and work like hell to get them. I do a 70 hour week. The socialists were demanding a 30 hour week. They also wanted a £24,000 state pension, regardless if anyone's paid into it or not.

They moaned about fixed term contracts. Didn't hear them say a word about the zero hours contracts that hundreds of thousands of people are on.

Dreamers and fantasists the lot of them.

Oh, and when did the Greens become dyed-in-the-wool Reds? Two hustings, not a single word about the environment. Instead they tried to be more Communist than Tommy Sheridan.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Indeed, socialists seem to inhabit a world that is devoid of reality. Lucky them, I suppose.

Damo Mackerel said...

It's called absolute poverty and yes if your child doesn't have the latest and greatest when it comes to a game console, yes they are poor. It's ridiculous and it's a phase coined by the righteous because it keeps those bastards in a job.

As some 16th century bishop said: the poor are a goldmine.

Nothing has changed then.

steveshark said...

After the Commons, I think our twon halls and civic offices need a thorough investigation.
Let's hope some sort of similar questioning of councils follws very soon.

Britain Awake said...

Quick joke for ya Rab:

Name 3 fish begining and ending with the letter 'K'...

1) Killer shark

2) Kwiksave haddock

3) Kilmarnock*

* Kilmarnock is a PLAICE in Scotland

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

BA, thank fuck it was quick! :-)