Saturday, May 2, 2009

A member of the family is missing

We are rather pre-occupied at the moment trying to hunt down our cat, Tigger, who has been missing since Tuesday evening.

A search of the area and phoning all the local vet surgeries has proved fruitless. Next step is a visit to the local cats protection league.

If no joy there, we have printed some small posters to put up in the local shops etc.

Fingers crossed.

I blame Gordon Brown myself. The hoon.


Anonymous said...

Oh no Rab what a nightmare.
We had a similar thing recently when one of our cats went missing. Drove us mad with worry.

A week later she turned up unharmed but a little hungry. We think she got locked in somewhere.

Fingers crossed for you, your family and your cat for a happy outcome.

btw, longest time away I've heard of was a friend of mine. 6 weeks!!

Gigits said...

Cats are fickle creatures. Tigger is probably being fed by a neighbour and has decided to stay there for a while.

Tigger, get yer ass home!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

The neighbours have probably eaten him! They're a bit feral round here. (The humans, not the animals).

Swiss Bob said...

Good luck Rab, mine occasioally disappear in summer for a few days but are unlikely to be eaten by the locals. There is however a danger of them being turned into clothes, the bastards: Cat furs cause furore in Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break the bad news Rab, but Tigger's probably ended up in a chinese meal!

When we were younger the local chinese used to offer us £3 per cat, they were eventually caught with half an alsatian in their chest freezer, the restaurant still trades to this day!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

We live about 50 metres from a chinese takeaway! I wont tell my missus your thoughts, she'll freak out. All the other neighbourhood cats are still around though.