Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tagged by an old bag!

Apparently I've been tagged, (for the first and hopefully last time), and I must tell you eight things I hate. Should be easy!

By the way, thanks Old Bag for tagging me you bugger!

1) The unemployable bastards that infest my neighbourhood.

2) The tossers that don't have their money ready when getting on the bus.

3) LibLabCon.

4) Customers who are total knobs and 'know their rights'. (They have the right to fuck off).

5) Mens mags like nuts and zoo and the stupid slags within them.

6) The fact that because I am Scottish I must by law enjoy the Daily Record, Irn Bru and Scotch Pies. I don't!

7) Other peoples horrible brats.

8) The council.


You have the right to ignore my tag! (uman rights, innit)!


Old Bag said...

ahhhh! well done, rab! brilliant list, old mucker! you dont like irn bru or scotch pies?..ive never tried a scotch pie but irn bru is the drink of the gods!..but what about whisky and haggis?..you cant get much more scottish than that! :D

glad you hate the local chav-a-likes as much as i fucking do!..im willing to help fund a one way trip to mexico for the lazy cunts.

9by the way, as you know about links, how do you link a picture to a website here?..you know, where you click a picture or photo and it takes you to a website?..i get the feeling thats a bit more fucking complex than a reular fucking link, but i thought if anyone would know, it would be you dear....)

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

You got me there! Aint a clue! Sometimes when I nick pics from other sites and use them, they sometimes link back to where i got them. Sorry I cant be more helpfull ob, but i'm a novice myself!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Nobody has ever tagged me :-(

It's a bit like getting an MBE.

My son is a bit posh. He went to a a bit posh school and has a bit posh voice and does a bit posh things. But when he comes up here he wants Irn Bru. My daughter, ditto posh (but with an affected valley-speak accent plus the upslant on the final word that makes every sentence a question?) wants to go straight for the chips with salt and sauce.

They kind of regard being in Scotland like being abroad - in France it's du vin and a baguette, in Scotland it's Irn Bru and a pie.

I find this very funny. I have had only one mouthful of Irn Bru in my entire life and never eaten a pie (They are called "Scotch Pies" down South.) The only concession I could make to being stereotypically Scottish (as an English bastard) would be to wear full tartan dress if ever I was invited to attend the kind of do that needed it, and even then, I would feel a bit fraudulent.

Which reminds me, I must research the history of the McWeasel clan...

Old Bag said...

no worries, rabster, old mucker!..i'll have a sniff about on the web..cheers me dears!

Screech said...

Rab, you left out the obligatory "buckie" never mind...Weasel consider yourself tagged, ive done a further eight.

Constantly Furious said...

There ye go, Rab, I've done my homework: check it at Eight Things I Hate